[Interview] 20150717 The Liberty Times – Ji Chang Wook in London


Although just published yesterday, this interview with Taiwan newspaper “Liberty Times” was apparently conducted in London after the Dunhill fashion show, which Ji Chang Wook attended back in June. The release of this interview was most likely timed to coincide with the airing of “Healer” in Taiwan. Some parts of the article seem to be written in the style of a typical trashy Chinese entertainment news tabloid, so I will only translate the main interview.   

Reporter: Being the “Nation’s Son” and “Kdrama male god” of South Korea, I’m curious about your daily life?

Ji Chang Wook: Thank you everyone for calling me that. Although I’m an actor, my personal life really can’t get any more ordinary.

Reporter: You once said that your ideal type is someone who can connect with you. Is there any other criteria?

Ji Chang Wook: Besides being able to communicate, I hope she will be someone with very good morals or personality.

Reporter: Being a “popular guy”, your fashion style is also followed by many people. What does fashion mean to you?

Ji Chang Wook: I think fashion style has no particular definition. Being able to find a style that suits the occasion and yourself is probably the most ideal kind of fashion. I feel honoured that people are willing to use me as a role model..(laughs).


Reporter: Where do you usually go and what do you buy often?

Ji Chang Wook: I love going to the cafe with friends, and I spend most of my money on drinking coffee. What I buy often is also coffee.

Reporter: “Healer” which was popular in Korea is going to air in Taiwan soon. Please introduce it to your fans!

Ji Chang Wook: Seo Jung Hu in the drama is a night courier who has a special job. After meeting two other people, a moving and romantic action story begins. Although the character relationships are rather complicated,  you will find it very meaningful as you follow the relationship development. I hope Taiwan viewers will also love this drama.


Translated from Chinese to English.

Source: Liberty Times News


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  1. Thank you Gabby for this!

    I so loved him in all of his IVs he has such this charisma! I am always totally blown up everytime i read or watch his interviews!

  2. As always.. Thanks for the translation Gabby. Love how he’s spending his money..on drinking coffee! Haha.. His responses in his interviews are always so disarmingly honest. 💕

    • Totally agree with you @CSL, his downright honesty is what makes him interesting and loved by many!

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