[Event/CF] Ji Chang Wook to hold China fan meeting with Lonsdale (Updated 15 August)


Still waiting for your chance to see Ji Chang Wook in the flesh? Here’s another chance! Ji Chang Wook will be holding his first fan meeting in mainland China, organised by apparel brand Lonsdale.

Lonsdale’s CEO had previously hinted about an upcoming event in September, and the cat has finally been let out of the bag.

The fan meeting will be held on 12 September in Hangzhou. Although this fan meeting is not part of his current “This Is JCW” Asia tour,  Lonsdale has said that the scale will be similar.

Update 15 August:

Event date and time: 12 September, 7.30pm – 10pm (Beijing time); entry begins at 7pm
Venue: Hangzhou Taixuhu Holiday Hotel, King Hall (杭州太虚湖假日酒店, 金色大厅)

Seating plan:


Fans are allowed to purchase tickets for Platinum VIP (110 seats), VIP1 (518 seats), VIP2 (550 seats), and VIP3 (400 seats) sections. The other sections indicated in the seating plan are meant for invited guests and the media.

Ticket purchase:

To attend the event, fans have to buy one of the following T-shirt packages, which will include a ticket for the respective seating sections. Everyone has to wear the T-shirt to the event as a “surprise” for Ji Chang Wook.


  • VIP1 package (Price: 599 RMB) includes 1 event T-shirt, 1 commemorative backpack, and 1 VIP1 ticket.
  • VIP2 package (Price: 399 RMB) includes 1 event T-shirt, 1 commemorative sling bag, and 1 VIP2 ticket.
  • VIP3 package (Price: 199 RMB) includes 1 event T-shirt and 1 VIP3 ticket.
  • Platinum VIP package (Price: 1999 RMB) is already sold out.

Sale of the T-shirt packages will commence on 20 August, 10am (Beijing time) via Lonsdale’s WeChat online shopping page. There is no direct URL to the purchase page. You need to first download the WeChat app and add the user “lonsdalecn”, where you will be able to purchase the package using your handphone.

Packages purchased are non-refundable. Only packages purchased through Lonsdale’s WeChat page will be recognised. Seats are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis and selection of seats is not allowed (i.e. the earlier you buy, the better your seats will be). After you have purchased a package, you will receive a message within 24 hours informing you of the seat number allocated to you.

From 21 August 12pm, Lonsdale will update the ticket sales situation every 24 hours on their Weibo account.  The T-shirt package will be mailed out together with your ticket on 30 August.

Lonsdale recommended hotels:

Lonsdale has a list of recommended hotels for those who succeeded in getting a ticket. These hotels are “recommended” because there will be a free shuttle bus to take fans to the event venue on the day of the fan meeting. We cannot vouch for the quality of these accommodations, so please decide on your own if you wish to go with the options recommended by Lonsdale.

  • Hangzhou White Horse Lake Jianguo Hotel (杭州白马湖建国饭店)
  • Relax Hotel Hangzhou (杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店)
  • JI Hotel Hangzhou Binjiang (全季酒店杭州滨江店)
  • Shiborui Hotel Hangzhou West Lake (诗铂睿酒店 – 杭州西湖店)


For overseas fans who are not fluent in Chinese or unfamiliar with using the WeChat app, getting a ticket to this event seems like a challenge. Lonsdale did not make any mention either as to whether the packages can be shipped overseas (*regarding this issue, please refer to Suluvzy’s comment below). Unfortunately, we are not familiar with the WeChat app either, so we may not be able to render any assistance to fans who wish to make a ticket purchase.

Credit: Lonsdale Weibo, Londale koudaitong

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  1. Since many fans from overseas concern about the mailing problem, we already consulted the person in charge of Lonsdale 赖国成 about the arrangements. According to his reply, the package can be mailed to overseas with postage extra, and considering the chances of postponement of the arrival, fans can choose to pick up the tickets on the scene which is supposed to be mailed with the package.

  2. Thanks so much for your update Gabby. As always you are very clear about the procedure and the options for the event. The Chinese fans will have a great time. JCW will see to that. I think getting the fans to wear the t-shirts are a great idea! JCW will be thrilled. I’m so happy for JCW.

  3. Wow! Fans in China are so lucky. Hope I can always update the news about Ji Chang Wook. He’s really an amazing actor with the wonderful acting.

  4. thanks 4 d update. Hope u still sending up us about the latest update of ji chang wook. We really like him s much. Again. Thanks a lot..

  5. Thanks for the update Gabby! Wow, indeed China is so lucky to have another fan meeting!
    Go, go, go wookie!

  6. Gabby..you’re killing me here! Sigh.. Lucky Chinese fans! Specially those in Hangzhou! 😆

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