[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 28 July 2015

Instagram (edited):

화가 난다..
#조작된도시 #권유 #힘내 #분장 #인데 #감쪽같이

I’m angry..
#Fabricated City #Kwonyoo #be strong #make up #but #like the real thing

*He edited the text in his IG to clarify that it is not a real injury

영화 조작된도시 촬영중!!! 힘내힘내힘내💪💪💪

Now filming the movie Fabricated City!!! Be strong be strong be strong 💪💪💪

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8 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 28 July 2015

  1. OMG..for a second there I thought the cut on JCW’s nose was for real! Just picked up my heart from the floor! Didn’t this guy just make a trip back from Japan? And he’s already on the set of his new movie? No wonder he needs to eat a lot of rice! He needs that energy! Stay strong JCW! And be careful on the set.

  2. scared me for a second! he’s fine so i am fine too! make up is pretty awesome these days for movie making!

  3. Thanks Gabby for the translation! We appreciate your hardwork!

    Pls take care Wookie especially with that beautiful handsome face of yours!

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