[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 28 July 2015

Instagram (edited):

화가 난다..
#조작된도시 #권유 #힘내 #분장 #인데 #감쪽같이

I’m angry..
#Fabricated City #Kwonyoo #be strong #make up #but #like the real thing

*He edited the text in his IG to clarify that it is not a real injury

영화 조작된도시 촬영중!!! 힘내힘내힘내💪💪💪

Now filming the movie Fabricated City!!! Be strong be strong be strong 💪💪💪

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8 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 28 July 2015

  1. Thanks Gabby for the translation! We appreciate your hardwork!

    Pls take care Wookie especially with that beautiful handsome face of yours!

  2. scared me for a second! he’s fine so i am fine too! make up is pretty awesome these days for movie making!

  3. OMG..for a second there I thought the cut on JCW’s nose was for real! Just picked up my heart from the floor! Didn’t this guy just make a trip back from Japan? And he’s already on the set of his new movie? No wonder he needs to eat a lot of rice! He needs that energy! Stay strong JCW! And be careful on the set.

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