[Magazine] KWAVE, June 2015 issue – Busy Days of Ji Chang Wook

Note:  This interview was already translated into English by the magazine, and is reproduced here exactly as published.

It’s been a long time since KWAVE visited him.  Leading a busy life, he was still filled with passion for acting.  Let us look in to filming site as we visited him during his short break.


How are you doing after <Healer>?

I’m resting as I get ready for my next piece.  Personally, I think I was more at ease when shooting <Healer>.  Now, I’m much more busy due to musical <Those Days> tours.

You seem to be always working.  Wanting to give you a rest, we created ‘Ji Chang Wook’s Break’ as a concept.  How do you usually enjoy your time off?

Rather than do something grand for enjoyment, I think meeting my friends and people I like is way to enjoy my vacation.

Also, I like sports and enjoy it.  Since the weather is so nice out, I enjoy playing soccer and basketball.  Sometimes I walk around the track at Hangang River.

We heard that you’re on your tour for musical <Those Days>.  Can you give a brief summary and explanation of your character and the musical?

First, the musical <Those Days> is about body guards at the Blue House, and it’s an episode about love and friendship between the body guards.

The role I take from <Those Days> are ‘Kang Moo Young’.  He’s a man with free and pure sensitivity and is quite playful.


Working on both musical and drama, wasn’t it tiring?

I was already working on the musical before drama.  There were difficulty matching schedules between drama and musical, but fortunately, I was able to successfully complete both drama and musical.

Is there any special reason why you made a challenge in musical?

In a way, I started the musical before any program on TV.  I always had interest of musical ever since I was young.  The fact that I can act and sing in a musical made a huge impression on me, and I also love both genres.

What are plans for rest of year 2015.

Well, I have fan meeting planned and have last musical performance at Jejudo.  I’m planning on finishing all of them in success and with all my heart.  After the last musical performance, I will be making a trip to overseas for a photo shoot.

Credit:  KWAVE Magazine



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  1. yep CSL you said it all! he is so wonderful in many ways and quite the workaholic. it makes him happy to be working and it makes us happy to see his works!

  2. Thanks Cherkell. Those pictures.. aaaahhhh.. The word “gorgeous” fails to describe JCW completely. God must’ve given JCW more than his fair share of good looks and charm when He created JCW. Honestly..no one should look that good!😆 But I’m glad JCW does. He makes my day..:)

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