[CF] Ji Chang Wook Lonsdale Autumn Collection Pictures (updated)


Lonsdale has updated their Weibo and TMall store with new pictures of Ji Chang Wook donning their autumn collection! We will continuously update this post as and when they release new pictures.

UPDATE 14 August 2015:


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UPDATE 1 August 2015:

22 July 2015:


Credit: Lonsdale Weibo, TMall

6 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook Lonsdale Autumn Collection Pictures (updated)

  1. Thanks for all these loverly pics Gabby.

    Just when I thought JCW looks stunning in red..then these pics show up! That blue really looks great on him as well! Aaargh..! Lonsdale definitely made the right decision when they signed JCW for their clothing line. 👍

  2. hi JCW KN. & Gabby! what a day to start with. thanks for the update & pictures again. sure is a pleasant morning to have your coffee with JCW looking so gorgeous… πŸ™‚ !!!

  3. Thanks again JCWKitchen for keeping us up to date with this gorgeous person! I swear he can even make rags look good! Keep those pictures coming! 👍

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