[Eng Sub] 20150801 Ji Chang Wook on 100% Entertainment – Healer


Ji Chang Wook gave an exclusive interview on Taiwanese variety show “100% Entertainment”, or better known as “Yu Le Bai Fen Bai (娱乐百分百)” in Chinese, in conjunction with the premiere of his drama “Healer” in Taiwan. About time, huh?

It was probably shot on the same day that he did his interview with “Entertainment Weekly” since he’s wearing the same outfit. Though much of the video has the reporter swooning about the drama, he does share a few new insights.

Translated from Korean and Chinese to English.


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4 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20150801 Ji Chang Wook on 100% Entertainment – Healer

  1. JCW video interviews never fail to make me smile… love his expressions, his voice, & laughter…thanks a bunch JCWKitchen for the translation!

  2. Thanks for the translation Gabby. This is the best thing about JCWKitchen…the translation. Thanks again Gabby.

    Taiwanese fans will be in for a real treat! It’ll be like Christmas for them! JCW..thanks for being Healer to so many people the world over. Love you.. 💕

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