[Event] FC MEN to participate in Japan charity football match

UPDATE 4 August:  Due to a miscommunication between entities, Ji Chang Wook will not be attending the 21 September FC MEN match in Yokohama.  We have edited the original post containing the ticket sale information below the break in case anyone still wishes to make the trek to Japan.

The usual suspects are potentially on roster for this match:  Kim Junsu from JYJ, Doojoon and Gikwang from B2ST, Im Seulong from 2AM … and a rookie who just joined the roster in May this year:  Seungri from Big Bang!  *squeeeeee*  The tentative lineup is listed below, with several slots on the Love Me JAPAN roster still yet to be announced.

Note:  Until an official removal announcement is made, he will still be listed on the FC MEN roster.

Pre-sale general admission tickets for the event will be on sale starting today (3 August) through 9 August, with all seats on offer for 6,800¥ (plus a 1,233¥ shipping/handling fee) for a total price of 8,033¥ (~$65.00 USD).  You must have a registered Japan address in order to obtain pre-sale seats to be mailed (limit of 4 seats per address), but day-of-match tickets will also be available at the Yokohama Stadium box office.  In addition, 20 special pre-sale members will be entered into a random lottery for an autograph by one (or more) of the FC MEN members!

Doors open at 12:00 noon, with a player autograph session scheduled for 1:00 PM and the match kickoff at 3:00 PM JST.  We have no information at this time whether or not the match will be televised, but seeing that KNTV is one of the event’s sponsors, we’re hoping that some video will make its way out of the country for international viewing.  (And since I have personally attended BayStars baseball games at Yokohama Stadium before, it is a gorgeous facility with first-class amenities, so the players should be very happy to have a nice little kick-around on this pitch.)



■Organizations: FC MEN Organizing Committee / FIGHTING HERO Executive Committee
■Main Planning Production: MEDIA WORKS / 33GENDO
■Production Assistance: DEAR MY STAR
■Management: Rise Communication
■Sponsored By: KNTV

Credit:  FCMen2015.net; Yokohama Stadium website

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4 thoughts on “[Event] FC MEN to participate in Japan charity football match

    • It’s not the first time this has happened, so I assume it was yet another miscommunication between the promoters and Glorious, and the roster was released before confirmation of his participation.

  1. Thanks for this update Cherkell.

    JCW must be over the top with excitement! I’m so excited for him too. Will be looking forward to this event. I do hope we will get to view this match! Go go go JCW! 💪

    • Awww..JCW must be so disappointed. I’m guessing his very busy schedule clashes with this match. Never mind JCW..there’s always another time. We’ll be cheering for your team mates! 💪

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