[Event] This is JCW Asia Tour – Taiwan FM details announced (Updated 19 Aug)


Details of Ji Chang Wook’s rescheduled Taiwan fan meeting — the 3rd stop of his Asia tour that was previously postponed by the MERS outbreak — have been revealed!  Mark your calendars!

According to a news report, Ji Chang Wook specially took leave from the filming of his movie “Fabricated City” in order to hold this fan meeting.  In addition, he hopes that his Taiwan fans stay safe from the typhoon, and asks his Taiwan fans to support “Healer” on GTV.

Video update 19 Aug:

(In Chinese) Hello everyone, I am Ji Chang Wook.
(In Korean) Hello, I am Ji Chang Wook.
Finally, I will be holding a fan meeting in Taiwan on 6 September.
It seems like it has been a year.
I believe everyone will look forward to it, and I’m also looking forward, feeling excited about it, and also nervous.
I’m waiting for that day (to come).
Also, “Healer” is currently airing on GTV.
Please love it a lot and I hope you will enjoy watching it.
Until then, please stay healthy everyone.
We shall meet on 6 September in Taiwan.
(In Chinese) Thank you! Love You.


Date and time: 6 September 2015; 7:00pm
Time of entry: 6:30pm
Venue: Taipei International Convention Centre (TICC) (The venue is the exact same place where he held his first Taiwan fan meeting in 2014.)
Ticket prices (in Taiwan dollars):5,888(VIP), 5,388, 4,888, 4,388, 3,888, 3,388, 2,888, 2,388, 888 (for the handicapped)
Hotel sponsor: Taipei GRAND HYATT

Ticket sales commence on 22 August 2015, 12:30pm (Taiwan time) through KKTIX (http://elementlife.kktix.cc/events/jichangwook) and FamiPort machines at Family Mart convenience stores.

For ticketing enquiries, please call 0981-931-001 (AM9:00~PM7:00)

1. All ticket holders are entitled to a high-five with Ji Chang Wook.
2. All those who purchase NT5,888(VIP), NT5,388 tickets and VVIPs will be given an official Taiwan FM poster.
3. 23 lucky fans will be picked on the day of the event for VVIP seats. These 23 fans will receive an exclusive “2015 TAIWAN THIS IS JCW Taipei FM” VVIP pass.

Points to note:
1. Before purchasing your tickets, please sign up for KKTIX membership.
2. Only 4 tickets allowed per transaction. If buying more than 4 tickets, please buy them in separate transactions.
3. Other than disabled persons, this event is not purchasable through fax or automated bank transfer.
4. Tickets can be purchased online and collected at Family Mart stores (maximum 4 tickets). There is an admin fee of NT$30 for collection of tickets bought online payable to the cashier at Family Mart.
5. Tickets can also be bought in cash at Family Mart stores (maximum 4 tickets), with no extra admin fee required.
6. When buying through FamiPort machines at Family Mart, seats are automatically assigned. If you wish to choose your seats manually, please buy your tickets online.
7. For cancellation of tickets, please refer to the policy on KKTIX website. Cancellation of tickets for this event is not allowed after 27 August.
8. Each ticket only admits one person to the venue. Children aged below 6 are not allowed in the venue. Please keep your tickets safely as they will not be reissued if damaged or misplaced.
9. Smoking is not allowed inside the hall; outside food and drinks are also not allowed; filming and photography is not allowed during the show.
10. The organiser reserves the right to make any changes to the event according to circumstances.


Credit:  etidol.com, KKTIX, Element Life YouTube

5 thoughts on “[Event] This is JCW Asia Tour – Taiwan FM details announced (Updated 19 Aug)

  1. In addition, Healer helps boost his popularity. Taiwan is a nice country, and I am sure his fans since Empress Ki will be very excited to see him again!

  2. I really love JCW and honestly I’ll be the happiest one to see him in person 😄😁:mrgreen: but…don’t you think it’s horribly expensive for a fan meeting ? I mean if it was a concert (like big bang’s one or Beast’s one…) why not and I can understand the price but for a fan meeting?! 😕

    • Hmm, now that you mention it, the ticket prices for his upcoming Taiwan fm seem to be the highest compared to other stops in his Asia tour and compared to last year’s Taiwan fm. They are using a different events company this year for the Taiwan stop, and he’s also accompanied by his live band this time (plus his popularity has grown over the course of 1 year)…*shrugs*

  3. Wow, Taiwanese fans are lucky! Anyway, why doesn’t JCW try to go to some other country in Southeast Asia?

  4. Taiwanese fans..you’ll have the best time ever! JCW’s last 2 fan meetings and birthday event have been simply awesome! So so jealous of you guys! 😉

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