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Ji Chang Wook was recently featured on China’s Sohu TV “Stars From Korea (韩来之星)”, a Korean entertainment news programme that airs online every week. As the show is produced in China, I was surprised to see that the show was conducted entirely in Korean (with Chinese subtitles added for local audiences), with the concept and on-screen animations looking rather similar to those entertainment programmes found on the major South Korean television networks.

Thankfully, the interview was rather entertaining (partly thanks to a rather amusing emcee), where Ji Chang Wook reveals the secret behind the filming of his challenging “monkey bar” action scene in “Healer” (thereby answering the question I was wondering about months ago), gets his shoulders measured again, declares his wish to act as a king in sageuks (for practical reasons), and also talks about…what else but food.

Click on CC for English subs! Translated from Korean and Chinese to English.


Source: Sohu TV

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10 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20150814 Stars From Korea – Ji Chang Wook

  1. The video isn’t working. I’ve just recently become a fan of Ji Chang Wook and I’m trying to catch up. I bought both the Empress Ki and Healer DVDs and watch them repeatedly plus I signed up for Dramafever and Viki. He is so talented! His acting in Empress Ki blew me away–fantastic, especially given his age! So, any way to get the video working again? Thanks for all your hard work–it’s appreciated.

    • Apologies for the technical issues. The video can no longer be viewed on YouTube because of copyright issues. We are looking into uploading the video on an alternative platform. Maybe you can come back and check out this post in a few weeks time!

  2. thank you so much for that interview! he is always so thoughtful, animated and happy in his interviews! his smile really makes me happy. it is full of sunshine.

  3. Thanks for this post and the translation Gabby. Thoroughly enjoyed it. JCW’s smile..totally blinding!

    I love it when JCW bemoaned the fact that his custom made suits cost “a lot of money”. He looked so sad. Hahaha. As always his interviews are always so uplifting. Puts me in a good mood. Always!

  4. Thanks Gabby, the interview is entertaining and the MC asked quite interesting questions 🙂
    Now I’m even more looking forward to Fabricated City after what Changwook said about the actions scenes fimed in an unconventional way !! Btw I watched the action BTS in Healer DVD and indeed both Changwook and the stuntman worked really really hard for that scene ❤ I admired Changwook even more after seeing those action BTS…Haha he really loves melo isn't he, I remember I said that in some itws you translated after Healer …I'm sure he can do very well in any genre with his acting method and careful analysis of the characters 🙂 I'm still waiting for an emotionally challenging character who can surpass Taiwan ^^

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