[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook to feature in @Star1 September issue


Actor Ji Chang Wook reveals his thoughts about ‘cross-border romance’.

In an interview following the photo shoot for the September issue of @Star1 (pronounced “At Style-ill” in Korean), Ji Chang Wook said, “I was very surprised when I heard the news of Hallyu star Song Seung Heon dating Chinese actress Liu Yi Fei.” When asked if a cross-border romance was possible for Hallyu star Ji Chang Wook, he said frankly, “As long as we are compatible and able to communicate, I think it is possible.” When asked about his ideal type, he said, “Although I don’t have a specific ideal type, I am fond of people who can talk and laugh well with me.”


In response to the comment “You probably have not fallen in love at first sight before,” Ji Chang Wook said and smiled shyly, “I don’t think that has ever happened to me. If there is a very pretty person in front of me, my eyes may be attracted to her, but after talking to her, I will realise that she’s probably not the one, definitely not the one (for me).”

For the September issue of @Star1 that will go on sale on 24 August, Ji Chang Wook did a photo shoot with French sensual jewellery brand Didier Dubot with the concept of “29, Ji Chang Wook”. Read about Ji Chang Wook’s acting career and his future plans, and honest stories about the man Ji Chang Wook in the September issue.

Credit: @Star1

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5 thoughts on “[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook to feature in @Star1 September issue

  1. these photos are love! he really doesn’t need “sensual jewelry” to be that way! it comes naturally to him.

  2. Hmm..I won’t mind if ji chang wook is dating any nationality as long as he’s happy.
    And he looks playful in first picture..I love that look!

  3. Thanks again Gabby for the translation.

    Those pictures..honestly..how can JCW look so sexy and appealing in every photo shoot? Love the pics.

    As usual, JCW’s responses in his interviews are straight forward and mature. No beating around the bush for JCW. Love this guy!

  4. Thanks, he is gorgeous in these pics ! Looking forward to read more about his future plans, I really really hope he will do a drama after filming Fabricated City ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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