[Weibo Update] 20 August 2015

#我就爱你怎么了 #七夕  ❤❤

#I just love you, how’s that #Qixi ❤❤

(In Chinese) Hello everyone, I’m Ji Chang Wook.
(In Korean) Hello, I’m Ji Chang Wook.
Today in China is the July Qixi Festival, Valentine’s Day.
May all of you have a lovely romance.
I wish you all a happy day with your loved one today.
(In Chinese) Happy Qixi.

*The Qixi Festival (七夕节) can be considered China’s version of Valentine’s Day. The festival is related to the folk tale about the romance between Niulang (cowherder) and Zhinu (weaver girl), known as the “The Weaver Girl and the Cowherder” in English. You can read more about the festival here.

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  1. its really fun to get a little ji chang wook every day to brighten up my day! thank you for these videos and the work you do to post them 🙂

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