[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook @ Star1 video sketch and interview

After giving us a glimpse of the contents of Ji Chang Wook’s interview with magazine @Star1, we now get to see him in action at the magazine photo shoot, which was done in collaboration with accessory brand Didier Dubot.


Click on CC for English subtitles!

Video sketch:

The September issue of @Star1 featuring Ji Chang Wook will go on sale on 24 August on GMarket, KartYes24 and other Korean book stores or shopping sites.

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9 thoughts on “[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook @ Star1 video sketch and interview

  1. i am totally ok til he breaks out in his smile or shows his profile, then i melt! he is so handsome and shy and confident all at the same time.

  2. He is so charming. His movie will be released in beginning of 2016, right? I wonder if you know any news or rumor about his future drama. Thanks for all the translation!

  3. Ohhh..the feels~ This man is the best of them all. Singing, acting, theater..ahh and these sexy stares sweet smiles. That gaze is bewitching me, falling deeper and deeper.

  4. Aahhhh.. Thank you thank you Gabby. 2 video clips and all those gorgeous pics of JCW! What a great start to my weekend!

    Can JCW get any cuter or sexier or more charming? Everytime I see him he seems to look better and better. If that is even possible!! 💕

    • I agree with you CSL Wookie is getting better and better everyday, inspired perhaps?

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