[Event] Ji Chang Wook represents on the runway for KONUS

Korean online fashion magazine Stylogue published their review of the Ro&De noir and KONUS launch ceremony that was held on 27 August at the Dress Garden in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.  As previously reported, this event was set up to introduce said fashion lines of the California-based Robin K. sportswear brands into Korea, with many VVIPs in attendance… such as their featured fashionista Ji Chang Wook.

Stylogue reports on the launch party with a whopping huge photo spread on their Naver blog here, and also shares some candid photos of Ji Chang Wook behind the scenes perusing the racks of clothes featured on the runway that evening.


Of course, what’s a runway event without a few words from the Man of the Evening himself?

In keeping with the KONUS brand identity of “Elevated Streetwear, Kings of New Uniform Standard,” a B-boy dance presentation and the release of a “KONUS Brand Song” officially set the theme for the evening’s upcoming events.

In addition, Jenny and Billy Kang (the directors of Robin K. International) shared some great photos from that night:

All in all, it looked like a wonderful event with great publicity for everyone involved.  We should be seeing Ji Chang Wook in more KONUS photospreads soon.  Stay tuned!

Credit:  stylogue.co.kr; Jenny Kang Instagram

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  1. Thanks so much Cherkell. Always a treat to get news of JCW. Konus is on to a good thing with JCW. Can’t wait for more pics of JCW. 👍

  2. JCW is the man for Konus!!!
    he is now becoming the hottest fashionista. just look at all the brands like Alfred Dunhill, D&G, Konus, Lonsdale, North Cape, Ad Hoc and more!!!!!

  3. Thank you Cherkell for this!

    Wow Congratulations Wookie! You have worked hard and so you deserved all of these!

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