[Event] Ji Chang Wook departs for Taiwan fan meeting


And he’s off!  Departing from Incheon International Airport earlier today, Ji Chang Wook is seen jetting off for the Taiwan stop of his “This Is JCW Asia Tour 2015” fan meeting on 6 September (info here).  We’ll update this post as more photos arrive from the news portals.  Enjoy!


Ji Chang Wook, “Shining appearance obscured by sunglasses  keke


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4 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook departs for Taiwan fan meeting

  1. It is so cute to see him bring chocolate and eat it while he is walking at airport.. I’ve always liked his fashion style!

  2. Safe flight JCW! Ahh..He looks so good as usual. Specially with his dark shades. I see he has his pack of comics with him for the flight. Haha. Have a great show in Taiwan JCW! 💕

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