[Event] Ji Chang Wook’s busy first day in Taiwan


Ji Chang Wook arrived in Taiwan this morning to much fanfare, with more than 200 fans waiting to welcome him at the airport. Upon arriving, fans rushed forth to offer him gifts and photocards for him to sign. He paused to hand out a few autographs before being whizzed away by an entourage of sports cars and staff dressed as Healers.

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Whose idea was it to have a fleet of sports cars to escort him from the airport?

Some videos of his arrival at the Taiwan airport:

Ji Chang Wook was scheduled to attend a press conference at the atrium of GTV’s building at 3.30pm to promote the drama “Healer”. As his flight was delayed by an hour, the event only started 40 minutes later.

Having kept an entire room of media and fans waiting, Ji Chang Wook flashed a smile when he appeared and courteously apologised and thanked everyone for waiting. When the emcee sat at the wrong seat, he gestured to exchange seats. The crowd would burst out screaming each time he opened his mouth to speak, and he shyly greeted everyone in Chinese.


Fans waiting to see him at the GTV atrium


At the press conference, he said that because “Healer” was filmed in winter, it was very tough because of the low temperatures, and the action scenes were also challenging. But he was very happy working with the staff and other actors, and every scene in the drama left a deep impression on him. The lines in the script were beautiful, the visuals were pretty, and he really respected the director.

He admitted that he did not get a good sleep last night because he was too nervous, so he is feeling a bit tired now. But seeing everyone makes him very happy, and the passion of Taiwanese fans is always very memorable to him. Coming to Taiwan, he wants to eat pig intestine vermicelli again; he ate it last time and the taste was unforgettable. He also wants to have a look around Ximending. In any case, he wants to take home beautiful memories from his Taiwan trip this time.


The emcee suggested that he could venture out of Taipei to Shuangxi to fish for prawns. He laughed and said he has never caught prawns before and hope to go there if he has the chance. During the event, 70 fans in the atrium had the chance to see him up close, and he also picked 3 lucky fans to take a photo with him on stage.

Despite this being his first day in Taiwan, his schedule is already packed till tonight. Tomorrow night, he will be holding his fan meeting at the Taipei International Convention Centre.

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Some videos of the press conference:

Ji Chang Wook will also be appearing in the Taiwanese variety show “100% Entertainment”. The episode will be aired next Friday.

This post is a summary of various Chinese news articles about his first day in Taiwan. We won’t be subbing the videos as the content is the same as reported in this post. 

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  1. my heart is doing flip flops again! thank you tons for the videos and words from him. now i have to go re watch running man with him in it! i am developing quite and appetite for him and need to see more and more!!!

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  3. Thank you for this post. In the last pic the female emcee, did she really get kissed by him? I came across a pic on fb, want to confirm. If you have any idea about it…?

  4. Thank you so much Gabby. You’re right on top of things as usual!

    What a welcome from JCW’s Taiwanese fans! But I’m sorry to say there’s only ONE Healer in this world. And it’s not the ones at the airport. Haha..

    JCW does look tired during the interview. But no matter how tired he is he’ll always have a great smile for all his fans. Take care JCW! Stay strong!

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