[Event] Ji Chang Wook returns from successful Taiwan fan meeting

And he’s back!  After adding another chunk of miles to his frequent flier account, Ji Chang Wook returned through Incheon International Airport on 7 September after successfully completing the Taiwan stop of his “This Is JCW Asia Tour 2015.”

We’re not sure what he has planned before his appearance at the Lonsdale event in Hangzhou on 12 September, but hopefully it will involve a bit of rest before jetting off again!

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5 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook returns from successful Taiwan fan meeting

  1. simply awesome! he looks gorgeous. i really love his fashion sense!
    yup! he needs to slow down a bit. he has been working nonstop!
    thanks for the update, cherkell and gabby!

  2. Really, he should take some rest. He always keeps doing something or the other. Health is important as well. Hope he rests well

  3. Thanks for the update Cherkell!

    Wow..JCW’s Lonsdale event’s on September 12! JCW..pls get plenty of rest before then! How about drinking lots of ginseng? That should help! And in between all these he has to finish a movie as well! JCW really has to be a superman! Keep strong JCW!

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