[Event] Ji Chang Wook wraps up 2015 Taiwan fan meeting


Last night, Ji Chang Wook held his Taiwan fan meeting at the Taipei International Convention Centre, which was attended by about 1,500 fans.

Ji Chang Wook opened the show with a piano performance of “I’ll Protect You” as fans waved their blue-coloured light sticks. He greeted the audience in Hokkien (the Taiwanese dialect), saying “Did I sing well?” followed by “Hello, I am Ji Chang Wook,” drawing loud screams from the audience.

Videos of his opening performance:

Ji Chang Wook said he was happy to see everyone and hopes to get closer to all. He also did advance preparation such as practising the piano and coordinating with the band. He has been working hard to film his movie recently, and he knows that “Healer” is currently airing in Taiwan. He thanked everyone for their support and laughed, saying he will be everyone’s Healer tonight.

He also gave a surprise to fans by asking the audience to open up the table on the right hand side of their seats. Those with a voucher inside their seat will be entitled to front row VVIP seats and an autographed postcard. A total of 23 fans were picked in this lucky draw.

Video of him telling fans about the surprise:


In the activity segment, he picked 3 fans by personally giving them a phone call to invite them on stage. He re-enacted classic scenes from “Healer” with them, such as standing close to each other in the towel scene, a back hug, and the snowflake kiss. He gamely completed all of them, and also gave the fans his personal cap, pyjamas and cushion seat.

In the second segment, another 3 fans were picked to go on stage, where he personally painted their nails for them.

Singing “Even Though I Loved You”:

During the singing segment, he suddenly appeared among the audience seated at the back. Fans rushed forth to get closer to him to shake hands and take selfies. The area immediately became chaotic, but Ji Chang Wook did not panic, but asked the fans if they were hurt. Towards the end of the show, he even jumped off the stage, drawing screams from the audience. The show reached a climax when he sang the Chinese song “Fairytale”, to which the whole hall sang along together as the 2-hour long event drew to a close.

After the show, he gave a round of high-fives to everyone before leaving. He will depart from Taipei on 7 September via the VIP access route at the airport.

This post is a summary of various articles about the event translated from Chinese.




Source: Kpopn, Yam, ET Today, Wow News


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  1. I enjoyed so much all those videos and pics.. of my adorable and handsome Oppa JCW.. Thank you so much… Ji Chang Wook Kitchen”s for the hard works.. All the best… ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. OMG been waiting for this recap thank you very much JCWKitchen for your hard work!

    Wow what can i say? Wookie is indeed a total entertainer! He made sure that his fans will get what they deserved! And those pics wow they are all awesome, he is sooooooooo handsome, gorgeous, cute, especially in white top!!!!! Not showing signs of being tired! Salute to him! And loved him more and more hahaha😍😍😍

  3. Thank you .. Thank you.. JCWKitchen! You guys are absolutely amazing. So many video clips and all those pics! Thanks a million. It’s like watching the whole fan meeting!

    JCW is just..stupendous! I can’t get enough of watching him singing and entertaining his fans again and again! Congrats JCW! Another very very successful fan meet!

    PS. I see our baby JCW has graduated from a keyboard to a baby grand last night!! Hahaha.. Good for you JCW! This only shows how determined he is when he sets his mind to doing something. Like learning to play the piano. Simply love this guy! 💕

    • JCW’s rendition of “Even Though I Loved You” just sends shivers up and down my spine! I’ve listened to this song many times but the way he sang it last night. With just the piano accompaniment..ahhh..why does he sound so good!!!

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