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During Ji Chang Wook’s stay in Taiwan over the weekend, not only did he attend a press conference, hold a fan meeting and appear in a variety show, he also kept himself busy doing interviews with the Taiwanese press. This post is a summary of interviews released by various media outlets. Points that have been mentioned countless times in previous interviews have been omitted in this post.

When Ji Chang Wook arrived in Taiwan on 5 September, he first went to the GTV building to promote his drama “Healer”.  After having a simple box of Korean food for dinner, he did five interviews consecutively. By the time he got to the third round of interviews with the online media, he was visibly tired.  Interview and photo-taking was limited to 20 minutes, but because the staff left the photo-taking to the last, reporters could only take pictures for 10 seconds before they were asked to stop. Ji Chang Wook took the initiative to ask for more time for photo-taking to allow photographers to take more handsome pictures of him.

Ji Chang Wook was asked to rate his dancing, to which he laughed and said “20 points”, and revealed that he couldn’t dance well since young. The staff at the side snickered when they heard that, which made him burst out laughing uncontrollably, and seized the chance to complain to the media, “You see, all of them are laughing secretly”.

Not only does he like soccer, he has also started to play golf with friends recently. As he is usually busy with filming for several months straight, he wishes to develop a hobby. Learning a musical instrument is also part of his plans.

As both “Healer” and his new movie “Fabricated City” involve action scenes, he was asked if he will keep doing action after trying it once. He laughed saying that he did not intentionally choose to do an action movie. Although he is trying action again, it is still as difficult and tough, and he hasn’t gotten better at it either.


Asked if he plans to take on a historical drama again, he revealed that he did receive an offer for a historical drama after “Empress Ki” ended, and he also finds such dramas very appealing. But if he stars in a historical drama again, he must act as the king!

Reporters also asked if he had many friends of the opposite gender when he was in school. He laughed saying he always went to a boys’ school and was only a very ordinary student. In university, he had a good relationship with both male and female classmates. Not long after, he debuted as an actor. Looking back on his years in school, he admits he couldn’t have been more ordinary. During his rest days, he says he will usually meet up with friends for a meal or coffee and chat, and they will also meet up for a drink or to exercise. But because he is afraid of being recognised, he will usually meet up at quiet places with fewer people. If he gets discovered, he will secretly leave or else his friends will feel awkward. When he goes out, he doesn’t disguise himself like Healer.

When asked about the places he frequent, he says he will stay in Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong most of the time. Not too long ago, he drove to Samcheong-dong and was surprised to find the scenery along the mountain road very beautiful. He also recommends everyone to visit the beautiful Han River when they come to Korea for a holiday.

Ji Chang Wook feels that his charm lies in his eyes. He said, “The eyes are the most genuine. I will first look at the eyes when I look at someone. I will also look at the eyes when I speak to someone.”

Regarding his filming in Taiwan for “Running Man” previously, he said, “I think the Leofoo Village Theme Park is very pretty. You can see giraffes walking about when you wake up. It’s awesome. Although these are all very fun, I’m still afraid of amusement rides.”

Here’s a video of him talking to the press about the places he frequents and driving at Samcheong-dong:

Video of him giving himself 20 points for his dancing:

“My staff are at the back, not doing any work and laughing at me”


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  1. Gabby you are a excellent writer!!! I love this site because I’ve lean a lot about Ji Chang Wook about what he is doing and what kind of person he is!! He sure is a great and wonderful person that is VERY KIND to all of his fans!!! He will continue have a great future if he stay like this!!

  2. thank you JCWKitchen for making us happy always with updates about our handsome Emperor!!
    he is drop-dead gorgeous anytime!

  3. Thank you for the update, Gabby. You are like an angel to me.:)
    He is such a generous person!! Always considerate and thoughtful of others. His smile and laughter always make me feel good. Hope he rests well before China fm

  4. Thanks so much Gabby! I didn’t expect the interviews to be posted so quickly. And summarizing all the interviews..that’s absolutely great stuff. Thank you for your hard work!

    JCW does look tired but that cannot detract from his good looks and charm. I don’t think anything can! And his laughter. That always warms my heart!

    His dancing will always get a laugh out of us. But I’m pretty sure he’ll conquer this too if he sets his mind to it! We’re talking about JCW here! Haha.

    Take a good rest back home JCW. You’ll need it before your China trip!

  5. Thank you Gabby for this translation and pics!

    Awww he really looked tired, but still is handsome and gorgeous as ever!!! So kind of him for giving more time for the photographers to take pics of him! I hope he gets lots of rest now that he is in SK already since he will fly to China again for Lonsdale FM! Take care Wookie!

  6. He just wants to act as a king in a historical drama. 😛 I think he is afraid of action scenes in historical drama. King doesn’t have to do anything! LOL

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