[Event] Ji Chang Wook Taiwan fan meeting special on 100% Entertainment

Ji Chang Wook made an appearance on Taiwanese variety show “100% Entertainment (娱乐百分百)” during his recent visit to Taiwan. Given that his drama “Healer” is currently airing on the same channel, an entire episode was devoted to him, where he played games with the audience.

He also tried his hand at drawing again, revealed that he once dreamt of becoming a chemistry teacher and even a president, re-enacted scenes from “Healer”, sang his OST from the drama, and says pretty much the same things about “Healer”. I’m sure he will have no lack of votes if he ran for president.

President’s victory pose

We will not be subbing this video as we were issued a copyright notice to have it removed from our website.  Enjoy these screencaps instead!

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7 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook Taiwan fan meeting special on 100% Entertainment

  1. he has got such a cute laugh that goes perfectly with his ubber cute smile! i like to listen to his voice and watch his face while he talks. thank you so much for this!

  2. Yey!!! Thanks Gabby.

    They’re so generous with the air time, proving how popular he is. He’s definitely getting the hang of it (being in the variety) and he’s enjoying himself.

  3. Gabby..you and Cherkell are the BEST! Thanks ever so much!

    We’ll wait for the subs. But will still watch the video now. Just watching him is good enough. Haha.. 😊

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