[Event] Ji Chang Wook performs at Lonsdale fan meeting in Hangzhou


Ji Chang Wook held a fan meeting in conjunction with Lonsdale in Hangzhou last night, which was attended by about 2000 people.

The event was not part of the This Is JCW Asia Tour, but was more of a promotional event of sorts for Lonsdale. Attendees had to purchase Lonsdale T-shirts to attend the show. The Lonsdale T-shirts designed by Ji Chang Wook were also on sale at the event.

Under the theme of “No Strangers”, a fashion show was held to introduce Lonsdale’s new clothing collection. It was also announced the Lonsdale will be having a charity project to help children in China with mental disabilities, and Ji Chang Wook was more than willing to have a part in it. According to a notice previously released by Glorious, part of the proceeds from the event is expected to be donated for this cause.

At the event, Ji Chang Wook performed 3 songs — “I’ll Protect You”, “Rain” and “To The Butterfly”. He also went down the stage to shake hands with fans, took selfies, served as a stylist to pick out clothes for some fans, and even helped them to wear the clothes as part of the night’s activities.

Ji Chang Wook said he ate Hangzhou Xiao Long Bao earlier *(Xiao Long Bao are Chinese steamed pork dumplings with soup inside; my favourite!!!^^). Due to his packed schedule, he wasn’t able to visit the West Lake. He said, “I check Weibo regularly, but my Chinese isn’t good, so I cannot reply to every person. But I’ve been working hard to learn Chinese recently. Hopefully there will be a chance for me to communicate with everyone in Chinese.”

Ji Chang Wook is already on his way back to Korea.

This post was put together using information gathered from Weibo and various news articles. We did not personally attend this event. γ€€

Source: Sohu, Weibo, renminwang

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  1. Strange ! I wrote 3 postings on this page yesterday but why were they removed? If they were bad slanderous comments then I can understand of them being removed.
    I posted good comments about JCW and his drama Healer. Please explain why they were removed. I am puzzled!!!!

    • Hi, if your comment doesn’t show up, it is either because we haven’t found the time to review your comment, or it doesn’t conform to our commenting guidelines. We welcome discussion among fans, but we generally discourage comments that are addressed to him personally even though they mean well. This is because we do not want people to use our site as a message board to constantly leave messages or long letters for him, thinking that he actually reads our site. We do make exceptions sometimes, such as on his birthday. If you have anything you wish to say to him personally, you may send him a message on his social media accounts, especially since he claims to read comments there. Hope you can understand our reasons for this! πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for this incredible post :).
    I didn’t aware this show acted also as a charity event titled “No Strangers”! Good for Ji Chang Wook so it can give him an opportunity to serve communities.

  3. it looks like they had lots of fun! he is such a kind soul that is willing to do different things for his fans and have fun together.

  4. I love the fact that JCW is involved in a charity project…he really is a good person, inside and out!

    Thanks as always Gabby! You and Cherkell have an amazing job doing all these for him and us, his international fans. You guys must be having a helluva of a headache dealing with these numerous contents from all fronts. Kudos to you!!!

  5. Thanks so much Gabby for this post. Was expecting it this morning! Hehe..

    So happy to know JCW’s doing this event for charity. I’m pretty sure everybody had a great time last evening. NOW..JCW..you can take some well earned rest when you get home! 😴

    • By the way..can someone tell me what the thumb and index finger gesture indicates? JCW and the kids are using that gesture in the second last photo.

      • It’s just a mini heart shape. Instead of using two hands to form a heart, you can form a heart by just using two fingers. Although many cultures will interpret it as something rude, a lot of Korean stars use this gesture to say “I love you”, or something to that effect.

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