[CF] Ji Chang Wook gets all sporty for KONUS

KONUS Asia released a few more photos and a short video from their upcoming lookbook today, showing Ji Chang Wook channeling his inner pitcher while showing off KONUS’s latest bomber jacket from their fall clothing line.  Batter up!

Wanna play baseball with me?  Kings of New Uniform Standard.

Credit: KONUS Asia Instagram

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5 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook gets all sporty for KONUS

  1. He looks so different here. More like a highschool boy ! He has a thousand faces. Really the right man for an actor 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Cherkell! But these dribs and drabs are really killing me. 15 sec video? Aaaaarghhh..!

    (But still very thankful! 😆)

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