[CF] Ji Chang Wook becomes a muse for Stylus Jewellery [updated]

As previously announced here, Stylus Jewellery provides us with its preview advertisements featuring new endorser Ji Chang Wook in connection with their “Dear My Muse” promotions launch on 1 October.  Here are some photos posted on their website earlier today!

A short preview video was also released in tandem with this launching:

The autograph session will go on as scheduled at 3:00 PM on 10 October…

… and Stylus wisely posted a notice advising fans to not queue up overnight to obtain invitations for the autograph session.

We look forward to more information and photos coming from Stylus Jewellery in the coming days!

Update 5 October: The fan sign on 10 October will have an open concept, so even those without invitation cards are welcomed to take a look, but autographs will only be given to those with invitation cards.

Update 8 October:  Stylus ❤️ JCW Jewellery is now available for overseas sales!  Just log onto global.lotte.com, where you can set up an account in English and check to see if shipping is available to your specific country.  Happy purchasing!

Credit:  stylus.co.kr


3 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook becomes a muse for Stylus Jewellery [updated]

  1. Thank you JCWKitchen for these pics and vid!

    These are mindblowing and yes no words to describe how awesomely perfect this guy is! Who will not say “yes” to this perfect groom right! And that CF fits him, it brings out the loving and romantic side of Wookie! Argh can’t really have enough of him, loving his every moves!

  2. Thank you.. Thank you.. JCWKitchen!

    I knew the video would be to die for! That look of amusement and that secret smile on JCW! What woman wouldn’t fall all over herself for him? I’ve fallen too many times to count!

    Needless to say those pictures are priceless. JCW..you have just sent millions of women into a screaming fit! Love this guy. There’s just something so gentle and loving about his whole personality. Wish I was there to queue for those tickets!

    Thanks again JCWKitchen for this post!

  3. Thank you JCW Kitchen!! You made my day:)

    He is looking great as always. And that video! Don’t have word to describe how awesome it is..

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