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9 thoughts on “[Event/CF] Ji Chang Wook dishes out autographs for Stylus

  1. I love Ji Chang Wook soo much…he is soo charming…sooo enthusiastic to his fans…sooo adorable…thank you Gaby for keeping us posted about JCW…hope to hear more from you about JCW…

  2. he is just so gorgeous. yup! it’s true that he is into headgears! LOL whether he has on a baseball cap or a snapback or a cowboy-type hat like this one he had on for the Stylus fan-signing or even a fedora, he rocks it! he carries anything so fashionably. no wonder that he has many cfs now. our emperor is really a top celebrity now. i’m so happy for him!

  3. Thank you, Gabby!!

    When did he hurt himself? He seems to be hiding his left hand in those pics.. Take care and get well soon.. Am surprised hearing about his injury..
    Those fans are so lucky!!

    Any update about k-chinese project-his role and all??

  4. Thank you Gabby for the update!

    Drooling in those pics, he is so cute and that hat just fits him! He is into hats these days! So many goodies and those selcas with fans, so close right? Lucky fans indeed!

  5. Thank you Gabby! Have been waiting for this fan signing event cause that means a lot of photos! Yes!

    Love to see JCW wearing hats. Love his smart casual look here. Love his long jacket. Love his floppy hair. Love that wonderful smile. Love love love everything about him! 💕

    • You’re right @pagesleigh! That’s definitely a wrist brace on his left hand. Hurt himself whilst filming? Ahh..JCW..pls do take care!

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