[CF] Behind-the-scenes with Ji Chang Wook and Stylus Jewellery

Stylus Jewellery has released some behind-the-scenes of their photoshoot taken on 1 October, featuring Ji Chang Wook as their latest spokesperson for their “Dear My Muse” promotional campaign.  We’ve already seen most of the finished product, so let’s take a look at how it all came about, shall we?

Several outfits await the stylists’ touch.  Although it would help to put someone inside the clothes first…

Reviewing the proof shots before moving on to the Stylus concept shots.

Even Hallyu stars need some help with staging every now and then…

During the shoot, a cake was presented in honour of Stylus Jewellery’s 7th anniversary of its founding.

All in all, a good day was had by everyone in attendance.  Be on the lookout for more “Dear My Muse” promotions from Stylus Jewellery soon!

Credit:  Stylus Jewellery Naver Blog

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9 thoughts on “[CF] Behind-the-scenes with Ji Chang Wook and Stylus Jewellery

  1. Thank you JCWKitchen for these awesome bts pics!

    Totally awed by Wookie’s drop dead gorgeousness, perfect groom!!!!

  2. Hi, its been a while but have been keeping my self posted on all your updates regarding JCW.

    Looking so fresh & yes 110% gorgeous… with all his recent & current activities… stay healthy & happy JCW,,,

    And thank you JCW Kitchen for all the updates!!!

  3. Thank you, Cherkell!

    He is photogenic! There is an aura, he looks so good in all the pics i have seen of him. So much charm. So much handsome-ness.
    Once you know him, everyone else pales in comparison!!

  4. Thank you so much for this post Cherkell.

    The behind-the-scenes shots are great. Have absolutely no idea how you got these but so glad that you did! JCW’s looking good as always. He looks really relaxed here. I think he’s getting so used to all these CFs now. Real pro!

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