[Event/CF] More of Ji Chang Wook for Stylus Jewellery

More pictures of Ji Chang Wook’s fan sign event for Stylus Jewellery at the Shinsegae Gangnam Department Store on 10 October, this time provided by Glorious Entertainment.  Enjoy!


Credit:  Glorious Entertainment

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5 thoughts on “[Event/CF] More of Ji Chang Wook for Stylus Jewellery

  1. Thanks Cherkell for sharing these pics!

    Wookie is o adorable in that hat and he is so generous with his fans, making them happy and satisfied meeting him!!! And yes @CSL he is cuteness overload, drools…drools…

  2. Thank you, Cherkell:)

    So nice of him to always give his best and make his fans happy. He is looking like a teddy bear with hat! Love it<3

  3. The pics are awesome! Thanks so much Cherkell!!

    Love the crown and the pinkie carrot ring! JCW..you’re just too much cuteness to bear in one sitting! Simply adore you!

  4. beautiful photos! thank you so much for the share. it would have been so fun to actually be there and see that gorgeous smiling face~

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