[Info] Update on the DC Gallery Review Book

Some of you may remember that in late 2014, Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen was asked by the Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery to assist them with gathering submissions from international fans for the upcoming publication of the DC Gallery’s First Review Book.  Upon their request, we posted a call for two separate collections of items, and those who decided to join in presented such amazing pieces of artwork, phone screen captures, recipes, small notes and other items which we gladly forwarded to the DC Gallery to be included in this Review Book.  And for that, your Admins here are eternally grateful for your support.

However, it comes with deep regret that we have to announce some bad news.  We’ve thought long and hard about how to best deliver the news, since everyone put in a lot of effort, which explains why our notice came so late.

It has been some time now since we last heard from the team of DC fans who was organising the Review Book project.  Based on their last update in July, design work of the Review Book was almost completed.  However, the Review Book will not be made available for purchase as originally planned, because Glorious Entertainment (Ji Chang Wook’s management agency) disapproved of the Review Book’s sale.  The Review Book Team then contemplated distributing a PDF softcopy version of the book and giving a hardcopy version to Ji Chang Wook instead, but we have not seen any update on this ever since.

As far as we know, the DC Review Book Team had been facing manpower issues since the start of the project, and the Team also lost some key staff members along the way.  Several attempts to contact the Review Book Team have been unsuccessful, and we assume this has to do with the loss of these key staff members from the Team.

At present, we are not sure of the exact facts herein, but decided we should at least provide an update on this situation.  Due to the lack of contact or any news from the DC Review Book Team, we will assume that the project has fallen through.  However, please rest assured that all past submissions are still in the possession of the DC Gallery and we trust that they will not be disseminated in other formats outside of the Review Book project.  We are not sure when (and if) this project will get back on its feet again; if that day ever comes, we will alert everyone well in advance with the publication date and other details when they are known.  As The Kitchen was only responsible for collecting and passing on submissions from international fans to the DC Review Book Team, we were not involved in the production process at all, and we have no idea as to whether your submission has been included in the book.

Again, we humbly apologize and are deeply sorry to bring you this news so long after the submission period was closed.  If you have any questions that we did not discuss above, please leave a comment below (or send us an email) and we will do our best to answer them.  We will also be more cautious in taking on such fan projects in the future to avoid causing disappointment.

Thank you.

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  1. Hi Admin,

    Good morning.

    I am new here, therefore not too sure of this project.. But I am sure that you guys did a a good job ..

    Anyways, would like to extent my gratitude to the admin of Jichangwook’s kitchen.

    Thank you.


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