[CF] Ji Chang Wook sends congratulatory message for Stylus’ 7th anniversary


To commemorate Stylus’ 7th anniversary, Ji Chang Wook appears in a special video bearing words of support…and oozing lots of cuteness. Introducing marketing tactic #101 – customers can’t say no to puppy eyes.

Coincidentally, this year is also Ji Chang Wook’s 7th debut anniversary, which probably adds more significance to him being their “muse” this year.

Stylus 7th anniversay + JCW debut 7th anniversary

Perhaps this is fated? *cue ha-ha-ha laughter*

Revealing Ji Chang Wook’s congratulatory message!

JCW: I sincerely congratulate Stylus Jewellery for their 7th anniversary. Everyone, please really really give Stylus Jewellery lots of love. Stylus Jewellery. Hee Hee.

Eeeeeee, so mushy. My guess is that he was probably asked to say his message like how he would speak to his girlfriend to tie in with the whole romance theme.

Stylus7anniversaryvid-02 Stylus7anniversaryvid-03 Stylus7anniversaryvid-05

Anyway, here are more ads that we left out in previous posts.


Feeling dizzy? That’s all for now. Byong!


Credit: Stylus’ website, Facebook page, Youtube channel and Lotte shop


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4 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook sends congratulatory message for Stylus’ 7th anniversary

  1. Thank you Gabby!!

    Goodness…! He is being so mushy here, i would die with overdose of this rare contagius cuteness!!
    @koreamom-ikr, he could sell me anything and i would take with both hands!!
    His ‘hahaha’ is love<3

  2. thank you for this! i just kept thinking-what is he really thinking about all this mush?!@ he could sell me anything

  3. OMG Gabby! This is totally an overdose of cuteness!! Totally mushy! But totally loveable as only JCW can be! That laugh! Somebody..pls cut up my credit card before I go on a mad shopping spree at Stylus online store!!

    PS. Thanks so much for the translation Gabby!

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