[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 23 October 2015

나를 웃게해준 너니까 이젠 울지마요 내가 그댈 지켜줄게요..💕💕 #7주년 #고마워 #사랑해 #

You are the one who makes me smile, don’t cry anymore,  I’ll protect you..💕💕 #7 years anniversary #thanks #I love you #

*He’s quoting the lyrics of his song “I’ll Protect You”


데뷔 7주년!!!이래요

7th debut anniversary!!! It’s said
Thank you 💕💕💋


나를 웃게 해준 너니까 이젠 울지마요 내가 그댈 지켜줄게요

You are the one who makes me smile, don’t cry anymore,  I’ll protect you

데뷔 7주년 항상 고맙고 사랑해

7 years debut always grateful I love you

5 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 23 October 2015

  1. Thank you JCWKitchen!! You guys are wonderful!! I wouldn’t have known this amazing so well, if it weren’t for you! Thanx again!!

    “oh my love am all yours, and there will be another one, b’coz am eternally yours, my eternal love”
    Have many more anniversaries coming up. Continue on this path. We are always here supporting you, Ji Chang Wook-sshi:)

  2. Thank you JCWK for this update!!!

    Congratulations JCW more power and more success to come! Looking forward to all your future endeavors! I am forever be a proud fan!!!

  3. Is he going to have a fan meeting in Korea to celebrate his 7 anniversary? Why did he do a singing rehearsal?

  4. Thank you JCWKitchen! Always so thankful for the translation!

    Happy 7th Anniversary JCW! May the future always hold great success for you! We all look forward to your new projects cause they will all be awesome!! We all love you too!

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