[Instagram/Weibo Update] 23 October 2015

3:38am KST


Kwon Yoo Kwon Yoo Kwon Yoo Kwon Yoo Kwon Yoo Kwon Yoo Kwon Yoo….

얼마안남았다.. #권유 #조작된도시 #밤샘 #촬영

There is not much left.. #Kwon Yoo #Fabricated City #overnight #shooting




Long time no see

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4 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 23 October 2015

  1. Thank you JCWkitchen for this!

    Omigosh those lips…those red yummy lips lips are to die for💋💋💋!!!!

  2. Thanks for this post Cherkell.

    Oh JCW..why are you just so adorable?? Wish there was a way to package all that cuteness! JCW..you always makes me so happy. Thanks again Cherkell.

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