[Instagram/Weibo Update] 23 October 2015

3:38am KST


Kwon Yoo Kwon Yoo Kwon Yoo Kwon Yoo Kwon Yoo Kwon Yoo Kwon Yoo….

얼마안남았다.. #권유 #조작된도시 #밤샘 #촬영

There is not much left.. #Kwon Yoo #Fabricated City #overnight #shooting




Long time no see

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4 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 23 October 2015

  1. Thanks for this post Cherkell.

    Oh JCW..why are you just so adorable?? Wish there was a way to package all that cuteness! JCW..you always makes me so happy. Thanks again Cherkell.

  2. Thank you JCWkitchen for this!

    Omigosh those lips…those red yummy lips lips are to die for💋💋💋!!!!

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