[Movie] First still of Ji Chang Wook in “Fabricated City”


As filming for Ji Chang Wook’s upcoming movie “Fabricated City” draws to a close, we get a glimpse of what to expect in the movie, and…surprise, surprise…it looks like a sci-fi movie?

The picture above was among the few stills that were released in the Korean news portals this evening, which were mainly reporting about the casting of model Yoo Seung Ok in the movie. Looking like an anime character dressed in a tight-fitting “military outfit” and sporting black and golden hair, Yoo Seung Ok is making her big screen debut as the sole female among the 150 male soldiers in the film.  According to reports, she will be making her appearance at the beginning of the film.

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Based on earlier reports about the story, we know that Ji Chang Wook’s character, Kwon Yoo, is a gamer who is part of a team called “Resurrection”. We wonder if the scene above is an imagination of his team fighting in the virtual world, or maybe he decided that his team members should do a cosplay while they carry out his revenge plan. Hehe.


Source: Osen, Siminilbo

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5 thoughts on “[Movie] First still of Ji Chang Wook in “Fabricated City”

  1. I really really really hope this movie will be a success and will propel jcw’s career to newer heights. PEOPLE NEEDS TO SEE HOW TALENTED THIS PERSON IS. The director is really good (welcome to dongmakgol received critical acclaim) so i hope this movie will be warmly received as well. Im so looking forward to this❤ cant wait for future updates 🙂

  2. First time commenting. I just want to thank you for keeping the international, non korean speaking fans, up to date.
    As for the movie, I’m not a big fan of sci-fi but I’ll watch anything JCW will be in.

  3. Thank you so much for these pics Gabby!

    I already love where this movie is going. JCW fighting in some futuristic world? Ahhh..can’t be better. Can’t wait to see the action scenes here! Loving it already!!

    JCW..soon you can take some well earned rest and put on some weight! I do hope we’ll see another drama from JCW before the army takes him! *Sad face*!

  4. Thank you, Gabby!! Don’t know what i would be doing if not for this place?! Big thank you:)

    The pic of the cast looks good. More on the lines of anime and sci-fi like video-game creatures. Hope it does well:)

    Take rest JCW and return to dramaland. Soon, please:)

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