[Event] Ji Chang Wook to release Chinese EP and hold concert tour in China

Ji Chang Wook was in Beijing yesterday (29 October) to attend a ceremony to officially sign his contract with Chinese music agency Bravo Music (梦响当然). This tie-up will officially launch his music career and help him break into the Chinese market.

At the event, which was streamed live to audiences online, it was announced that Ji Chang Wook will be releasing his first Chinese mini album at the end of November. He will also be holding fan meetings in five cities in China. The first stop of his tour will be Chongqing on 28 November; tickets will go on sale on 2 November. A representative from Ji Chang Wook’s Korean agency, Glorious Entertainment, added, “This is not merely his first fan meeting (in China), it will be his first concert.”

Ji Chang Wook also gave a live performance of his new Chinese song, titled “陪你 (pei ni)”, which means “Be With You” in English. This song will be the title track of his upcoming mini album. A music video will also be released.

During his interview with the press, reporters asked him which Chinese singer does he hope to work with. Ji Chang Wook said he is not very familiar with Chinese singers, but revealed that he will be singing a Korean remake of Jay Chou’s “星晴 (xing qing)”, and it will be included in his mini album. He will be heading to the studio today (30 October) to record the song.

When asked about dating, although staff members had tried to prevent reporters from asking this question, Ji Chang Wook still revealed his current status nevertheless, “Actually I do want to find a girlfriend, but my schedule is very packed and I have many events, so I won’t have time to keep in contact even if I have a girlfriend. It’s very frustrating.”

In order to better communicate with Chinese fans, Ji Chang Wook has been working hard to learn Chinese and to learn more about China. At one activity segment during the event, Ji Chang Wook tried to identify places in China based on his memory and picture clues, and he managed to identify Changsha, Hangszhou and other city names swiftly and accurately. However, Ji Chang Wook admitted that learning Chinese is very difficult, but he is still continuously trying to grasp it. There is a colleague in his Korean agency who is Chinese, so he will seek help from him. Ji Chang Wook also revealed that when he came to China previously, a friend had recommended him to watch the Chinese drama “The Journey of Flower (花千骨)” to learn Chinese.

And here are more pictures from the event:

Source: Sina, Phoenix Media, Baidu, Tudou Music

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  1. Hello Gabby,

    I will be in Asia around the time JCW is in China. I recall seeing details about his scheduled tour dates for Dec and Jan.

    Could you resend those concert dates with their location and if you know of when and where I can purchase tickets please.

    I’m from Australia, from memory he will be performing on 23 Jan in Beijing…??

  2. Hi,

    Good Day!

    I will be in Korea from Nov 25 – Dec 02. Is JichangWook having a concert from that period in time in Korea?

    Thank You,

  3. JCW chukai for expanding your wings to the international realm. Success to your future, fighting!
    JCW is so multi talented- singing and acting. WOW 💪👍

    But i find Chinese dramas deliver bad quality pix and story. Theie endings are mostly unsatisfactory – it’s as if the Chinese love melo endings.
    I wish JCW will also act in Korean dramas. Korean dramas are better quality in pictures, acting, fashion, story and mostly happy endings. I like Korean dramas

  4. Tqtqtqtqttqtq, Gabby…

    I watched live streaming yesterday, only half understood! Hahahha.. Thanks for the video, pix & translation..

    Have a nice day!

  5. I have mixed feelings about him entering the chinese music scene. Even though I love his singing voice, I don’t know that he’s making good use of his time when he really shines as an actor. Plus, what about us korean and international fans that aren’t chinese? It’s probably selfish of me, but I really want to see him in a great korean drama soon. :p

    • @cookiesncream..I know exactly where you’re coming from. My feelings were just as ambivalent as yours when I first read this post. But then I thought..the die is cast. I’m sure JCW has thought long and hard about this. He’s a sensible fellow as can be seen from all his interviews. Let’s just pray and hope that this will be a good move for JCW and that he will come back to drama land soon. Like you said..he IS a great actor! That’s where he really shines!

      • Totally agree with both of you @CSL @cookiesncream, although i am happy with him in entering Chinese market, in a little corner of my heart i am kinna sad, perhaps i would like to see him more in drama where he is absolutely great, but then i trust his judgement and with that i am fully supporting him!!!

        Fighting JCW:):):) but please go back to dramaland soon pali pali!!!!

  6. Thank you again so much for the news and the translation Gabby.

    I must say I was rather disappointed to learn that JCW’s first mini album will be a Chinese one. I thought there would be a mix of Korean and Chinese. At the least. Personally I’m more biased towards Korean songs. Nevertheless..it’s JCW singing..how can that not be a wonderful thing?

    My Chinese is not great but I think JCW sang that Chinese song rather well. And with his charismatic voice..I can just listen to him sing nonstop.

    JCW..I pray that this will be the start of something wonderful for your career. But please do come back soon for another drama project. We miss you there terribly. Good luck JCW! Whatever you do..we your fans will be with you all the way! Love you JCW!

    • The mini album will be a mix of Korean and Chinese songs. It is mentioned in our post that he will be singing a Korean version of Jay Chou’s song. But it is not known how many Korean songs will be in the album.

      • Ya..I re-read the post after my comment and realized that there will be at least one Korean song. Rather a Korean version of a Chinese song. And like I said..it’s JCW singing..it will be GOOD!! 👍 Can’t wait to lay my hands on this mini album!

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