[Weibo] Ji Chang Wook’s Weibo live chat

Ji Chang Wook held a live Weibo chat with fans yesterday afternoon. Fans were asked to send him questions to his account using the hashtag #池昌旭和我约 (#Ji Chang Wook has a date with me). The whole chat was conducted in Chinese via a translator. The following is a translation of the short exchange. 

Fan #1: Oppa, see you in Chongqing! Will there be any fan interaction at the Chongqing concert?
JCW: We’ve only discussed about the song list so far, I’m still discussing more detailed plans with everyone.


Fan #2: After singing a Chinese song, do you think Chinese is easy to learn?
JCW: It’s very difficult, so I took a very long time to record.


Fan #3: Besides “Tong Hua (Fairytale)”, are there any other Chinese songs that you know how to sing? Will there be other Chinese songs at the 28 November Chongqing concert???? (*Tong Hua is the Chinese song that he sang at his Hong Kong fan meeting this year)
JCW: I will probably be singing all the songs in my album~


Fan #3: Is there a possibility of you doing a musical next year? I still want to watch your musical!!!!! [抓狂][抓狂][抓狂][抓狂][抓狂][抓狂]
JCW: There are no special plans at the moment. I will also want to participate if there is a good musical~


Fan #4: Brother Ji! Among all the roles you’ve played before, which is your most favourite? [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]
JCW: I like all of them a lot~


Fan #5: Are you very tired? I hope to see you in a drama. You need to watch your health.
JCW: I am! [可怜][可怜]


Fan #6: Can you understand what you’re reading? [挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻]
JCW: My translator is helping me~[哈哈][嘻嘻]


Fan #7: Will you eat hot pot when you come to Chongqing?
JCW: Of course of course! Definitely have to eat it~[心] I want to eat something spicy! [嘻嘻]


Fan #8: Will there be any fast songs in your new album? Will you be dancing? I want to see the dancing machine! dance! dance dance
JCW: If you want to see me dance, then come to my concert! Hahaha [偷笑][偷笑]


Fan #9: Oppa you need to update your Weibo often [泪]
JCW: Ok ok! I know! Fighting! [熊猫][挤眼]


Fan #10: What is oppa’s favourite Chinese dish?
JCW: Hot pot hot pot~ Peking duck! Lamb skewers + Qingdao![色][色]


Fan #11: At which cities will your China FMs be held at? [doge] Can you tell me secretly [嘻嘻]
JCW: It’s a concert! The first stop is Chongqing. Please come everybody~ see you on 28 November!

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  1. Thanks for the translation Gabby.

    JCW..forever the entertainer. Although he’s probably dead on his feet when he was going through all those messages! He’s a real fighter! How not to love him when gives so much love back to his fans? Love you many folds back JCW!

  2. thank you for this! it is so fun to read what he answers as well as what the fans ask. i appreciate your time and efforts to bring us updates on his activities, interviews photos etc. helps us keep in touch with him a bit~

  3. Hahahhaha…, Gabby, he is extremely playful… Even though he is tired! My gosh,…. He is a real entertainer….

    Btw Gabby, how to follow his Weibo account? Or is it only available to China? Thanks.


    • Anyone around the world can use Weibo. You just have to create an account first and then follow him. There are tutorials online that can teach you how to set up an account.

      • You can set the interface to English, but all the posts and comments are in Mandarin. Don’t think it’s possible to use google translate within the weibo app either.

      • Yes, Gabby..
        I think I must set my mind in learning Mandarin & Korean! Hahaha…
        Thanks, Gabby, for bring the ‘coordinator’ between the fans & the star…


  4. Thank you, Gabby!!

    He personally interacted with fans?! Woooowww….!
    That is so cool!! Fell for him a li’l more today:)
    I hope someday he comes here and chats with us.
    One fan asked for an update at 1:49 and he replied at 1:51..what more to ask as a fan?!

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