[Instagram/Weibo Update] 4 November 2015

I arrived in Italy and going to Milan.😁 #이태리 #밀란

I arrived in Italy and going to Milan.😁 #Italy #Milan

I arrived in Italy and going to Milan

*We have no detailed information as to his schedule in Italy, but allegedly Wook is travelling with his friends Kang Woo and Joo Yeon Seong on vacation.

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8 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 4 November 2015

  1. wishing i was able to travel like he does! how fun to see the world while you work (and play) now if i could see him somewhere while he is there! course i would have to BE there to see him 🙂

  2. real great time for JCW and friends.
    enjoy to the max, Chang Wookssi!
    thank you, Cherkell for the update.

  3. I take it he’s got a penchant for motorbikes. Good to know he’s finally taking a time off, although by the sound of it, may be working on the side (which I really hope not, he deserves a well needed rest). Still busy as a bee!!!

    Thanks Cherkell!!!

  4. Thanks Cherkell for this update!

    Wow Wookie is jet setting…he’s in China a week ago and now in Milan..mixing business and pleasures I guess😊. Good for him!!! Take care our Wookie!

  5. Thank you, Cherkell!!

    I read on fb that he is on a vacation to Italy. But what you have shared makes complete sense!!
    Even on a vacation this guy seems to be attending events:)

    JCW eat a lot!! There are many wonderful Italian dishes..must try..Quichè!!

  6. What?! Why is JCW in Europe now? Another recording contract?? 😆 Or is he on a holiday? That would be good for him!

    Thanks for this update Cherkell. I’m really confused re JCW’s whereabouts.

    And JCW’s looking as mischievous as ever. 😆

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