[Drama] Ji Chang Wook to star in China-Korea co-production “My Male God”

Wang Xiao Chen and Ji Chang Wook

Wang Xiao Chen and Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook will be starring with Chinese actress Wang Xiao Chen in a Chinese drama titled “My Male God (我的男神)”, which will be co-produced by China and South Korea.

Jointly produced by China’s Longmeng Entertainment and Korea’s Lee Kim Productions, “My Male God” is a romantic comedy that will feature idols and a love story to appeal to young audiences (Note: Lee Kim Productions, which goes by the official English name of “Victory Production and Company” is the company that produced “Empress Ki”).

The drama tells the story of a working youth Wang Wei An (王伟岸) who becomes a second generation chaebol overnight, and Yang Hai Yi (杨海衣), the daughter of a rich family that went bankrupt and she becomes an ordinary girl. Both of them bicker a lot but end up falling in love. In the midst of crisis, they overcome problems and find their true selves, love, family and friendship in the process.

Ji Chang Wook

“My Male God” is written by scriptwriter Xi Lin (席琳), who is supposedly skilled in writing modern romantic comedies according to the producer Guo Xiao. But based on our own brief research, it seems like the scriptwriter has a very short resume, with only two works listed under her name — an unidentified movie called “Ni Ai” (unidentified because there are many movies with the exact same title), and the 2013 movie “Kidnapping of a Big Star (綁架大明星)”.

The drama will be directed by Hong Kong director Gao Xian Ming (高先明) who previously worked at Hong Kong television broadcaster TVB. Those of you familiar with Asian entertainment will know that TVB is a major station that has produced many acclaimed Cantonese dramas. Many Hong Kong actors and directors have been moving over to the China market in recent years, but Director Gao is one of the first TVB directors to do so. He began working on Chinese dramas in 1995. He has worked on both modern and period dramas, and some of his past works include “The Proud Twins (小鱼儿与花无缺)” which starred Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse and Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing, “The Magic Blade (天涯明月刀)”, and “Love In Spring (爱在春天)”.  According to the producer, Director Gao was chosen because of his ability to analyse issues from both a creative and business perspective, and also because his recent shows have done well and have received good viewership ratings and reviews.

Director Gao Xian Ming

The producer admits that based on the title “My Male God” alone, one can tell this is an idol drama targeted at females. He cites casting and aesthetics as two important elements when making an idol drama, as they must match the tastes of the young and the popular culture that they love. Given the popularity of the Korean Wave in China now, they have decided to collaborate with Korea on two levels — casting and production.

He said, “Ji Chang Wook was our top choice. His popularity is rising very quickly in Korea and across Asia, and the market is looking forward to seeing him.” So how can a Korean actor do a proper portrayal of a Chinese character? Ji Chang Wook’s role in the drama was specially adjusted for him. He will be playing a Korean-Chinese whose father is Chinese and mother is Korean.” In this way, the character is allowed to have some special Korean-style characteristics. Ji Chang Wook will also have stronger belief in his acting and feel more comfortable. The audience will also be able to accept this better and they won’t feel turned off just because he is a Korean actor.”


Acting with Ji Chang Wook is Chinese actress Wang Xiao Chen (王晓晨). Born in 1988, Wang Xiao Chen is currently starring opposite Hu Ge in “Good Times (大好时光)”, and is familiar for other C-dramas such as “Second Child Generation (二胎时代)”  and “Honey Bee Man (我爱男闺蜜)” .

The producer said, “We wanted something refreshing, and Wang Xiao Chen hasn’t really acted in idol dramas before. We began to take notice of her in ‘Honey Bee Man’. Although she wasn’t the female lead in that drama, her performance greatly attracted us. Then came along ‘Second Child Generation’, ‘Mother Is Like a Flower (妈妈像花儿一样)’, and the currently airing ‘Good Times’. We thought she has potential, good hardware, and she has a natural flair not seen in many Chinese actresses, her acting is relaxed but spot on. She has a lot of projects at the second half of this year and they did well in the ratings and other fronts, and I think she still has room. I’m looking forward to her working with Ji Chang Wook.”

Wang Xiao Chen

Longmeng Entertainment had worked with Lee Kim Productions to recruit a production team from Korea. The filming style and image styling will all be done by the Koreans. The lighting team had previously worked on Lee Min Ho’s drama “The Heirs”, while the dressing and hair styling will be done by the team that did “You Who Came From the Stars”. The Chinese team is hoping to get some experience from them. The producer said, “There are many Korean teams working in China now, but not many of them can be considered top grade. Many of those teams only have a department head, while many Chinese dramas only recruited a Korean lighting director or head stylist, but those who were truly working on the show were the Chinese. We are going for the whole package, from the lighting director to the lighting assistant; from the image design to the assistant stylist and the hair stylist; they are the truly top grade team in the Korean industry recruited through Lee Kim Productions.”

Although China-Korea co-productions have been popular in recent years, such collaborations are ridden with problems in reality. For a top Korean team to come to China, it is inevitable that they will bear some insecurity and mistrust. Problems in communication arise due to lack of understanding of each other, differences in work habits and also differing standards of creativity. To prevent such issues for “My Male God”, the producer says that lots of preparation have been done. “We spent one month trying to gain a better understanding of the situation faced by previous film crew who have worked on such co-productions, and deeply analysed the common problems they faced and their causes. We have also found close to 20 translators who have worked on such co-productions. They are actually our pillar, as they know best as to what were the problems that cropped up between the two sides. We did a round of observations and interviews with them and recruited some of them.”


The producer, director, scriptwriter and other staff members even made a personal visit to Korea and spent some time with the production team of a Korean drama to observe their operations and their working style. “There are many hear-says about how Korean dramas are filmed, but many things cannot be done just based on listening only; you need to see the real thing. We then realised that there are indeed discrepancies. We saw the differences and made necessary preparations in response. Now we communicate with the Korean team on an almost daily basis, and we are trying to smooth things out before filming begins.”

Filming for “My Male God” will take place mainly in Shanghai from November 2015 to February 2016. They will also be filming in Seoul for about two weeks to film the birth story of the lead. The drama will also include some exciting action scenes such as flying cars, chases, car crashes, and falling off a cliff. These action scenes are expected to be completed by the Korean team in South Korea.

Although there is close cooperation with South Korea on the skill level, the producer emphasized that “My Male God” is a Chinese drama that is primarily targeted at the China audience. Its concept and tone will “have to include the element of idols, comedy and unexpected plot changes to give audiences a relaxing, happy and warm feeling”. Filming of the drama has not commenced yet, but the drama has been confirmed to air on a major China TV station.


*Note: “My Male God” is the literal translation of the Chinese title. The drama does not have an official English title yet.

Credits: Sina EntertainmentDushe

8 November Update:
It appears that “Mr Right” will be the drama’s official English title.

Credit: 新浪电视 weibo

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  1. I’m excited to watch this collaboration drama project. But I do hope they didn’t dub JCW’s voice into chinese, cuz I can’t jear his sexy voice. he sang so well in his last concert, right? so if it’s to be in chinese, I don’t mind at all, but please him speak with his voice not such a dubbing one.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble….. but its definitely dubbed.. he’s currently learning the language but not good enough yet.

  2. I’m not interested in this drama… sigh. 😦 Despite my love for Ji Chang Wook, I’m not into chinese rom coms with dubbed actors.

  3. Hi, thank you for the detailed article 🙂
    I would prefer to see him in Kdramas too, but since he chose this Cdrama, I will give it a try and wish him the best !
    Btw, I read in an article released today that he will play twins ?!?! so now I’m looking forward to it a bit more to see how he will portray two different characters !

  4. I’m fairly disappointment that he’s taken on so much in China but money speaks louder then words.. He & his agency must make as much as possible before he serves his country. I’ll be giving this drama a miss, the synopsis doesn’t interest me and on top of it I’ve never been interested in Cdramas doesn’t matter who is in it. I also can’t bear to listen to voice overs especially when I know exactly what the artist’s voice sound like. The drama will be a hit for sure in China its catered for their market, internationally ummmmm I don’t know how well it will fair. I’m glad he did a movie at least that’s something to look forward to before/during his enlistment.

    I do wish him all the success with the Mainland projects… Will just have to wait until 2018/9 for his next Kdrama and other projects.

      • I have no doubt that he’ll do his very best. just hope that the script & the cast allow him to perform well… thats my concern…

    • Agreed!I’m really disappointed,I mean I loooooooooove him and I was really hoping for a new drama…but a chinese drama with his voice dubbed??I don’t think I’ll be watching…
      I completely fell in love with him watching healer and I just finished watching empress ki,didn’t even know him before though he’s extremely talented,he should do more dramas like healer…

      • Same here! I fell in love with him in Healer, and I really hope that he’ll get the chance to play such an interesting and charismatic role again.

  5. I’m not quite fond of Ji Chang Wook’s decision to star in this drama though. He never seemed to portray this kind of chaebol character so far I noticed. And personally I don’t prefer this drama either. Well, I hope he will succeed in this drama.

  6. It’s very rare for a TV station in my country to get the airing rights for a Chinese drama, unlike K-dramas. So here’s hoping that we’ll be able to watch it through other channels.

    Thank you JCW Kitchen!

  7. They invest well on the drama, so I’m very excited to watch it. Usually I am bored of idol drama which features a poor girl and a chaebol, but this one is an exception. 😉 I hope they will get a nice dubbing voice for Wookie.

  8. the only thing i would like to know is if we will be able to watch it too. will it be hard to have a network pick it up and air it?

  9. just for JCW, i would consider this rom-com drama. anything with JCW in it! hope that it would be a top rater. i’m just not comfortable with the title. LOL
    all the best, our Emperor!

    • We admit that the title sounds religiously offensive in English, if that’s the cause of your concern. But it’s just a popular term that the Chinese like to use to describe a handsome man. But religious concerns aside, the title does sound rather shallow, unfortunately.

  10. Thank you JCWKitchen for this huge piece of news!

    Question: since this is primarily a Chinese production..will JCW be speaking Mandarin? Or..God forbid..will his lines be dubbed??

    Right now I’m feeling really nervous and worried for JCW. I know there’s no turning back but I’m really really worried. We’ve all been praying for him to come back to drama land. Perhaps we should’ve been more explicit and prayed for JCW to come back to Korean Dramaland!

    JCW..crossing my fingers and toes and praying hard that this drama will be a success for you!

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