[CF] Ji Chang Wook plays in the sunshine for KONUS Asia

We’ve already seen the still shots from this photoshoot, but KONUS Asia provides us a flashback with another short video featuring Ji Chang Wook cavorting in the sunny San Diego weather.  Enjoy!

Credit:  KONUS Brand Asia

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4 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook plays in the sunshine for KONUS Asia

  1. Thank you, Cherkell!!

    How can a man who does not even know i exist! make me feel so much better after a tiring day!!

    I feel lucky to just know him:)

    I always thank you guys first, but today am more than thankful to you for living your busy lives and keeping us updated. Thank you<3

  2. Thanks JCW for this cheerful update! Good start to my weekend!

    Ahhh…JCW…that grin..that smile..like I said before..they really need to attach a medical warning to all pictures and videos of JCW. Seriously!

  3. Thanks JCWK for the update!

    Wow he is so cute, cool, playful, just so Wookie! Cant stop my heart from beating fast hahaha!!!!

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