[Pictorial] Behind-the-scenes for the 2016 Ji Chang Wook calendar


Phoenix Media did an interview with Ji Chang Wook in Seoul recently when he was having a photo shoot for his 2016 calendar.

The interview covered many topics that he has already talked about countless times — topics such as singing, learning Chinese, his action scenes in “Healer” and his stuntman, his experience in “Running Man”, and his love for food, soccer and comics. Hence, we won’t be translating the interview since that will take up too much time.

It is worth mentioning that proceeds from the sale of his 2016 calendar in China will go towards opening a biscuit shop to help children who left the orphanage after they turn 16 to help them re-adjust to society. He says that charity is not a one-off thing, and he will continue doing it.

Though the interview does not offer a lot of new information, it did provide plenty of pretty pictures that double as a preview of his 2016 calendar. Enjoy!

Note: At the time of writing, Glorious Entertainment has yet to announce the opening of sales for the calendar, so we have no information to provide at present.  We will update the post when the sales information is known. Please refer to our latest post for ordering details.

Credit:  ifeng.com

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  1. so cute!
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  3. Hello! I’m a BIG FAN from Philippines. How can I purchase this calendar? I’m hoping it’s possible… 💙💙💙

  4. Thank you very much JCWKitchen for these awesome pics!

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