[Info] Ji Chang Wook 2016 Calendar ordering details [updated]

Well that sure took its sweet time in arriving, no? Glorious Entertainment has just announced that the Ji Chang Wook 2016 Calendar will go on public sale on Monday, 23 November 2015.

The calendar will have a “storytelling” concept and include pictures of him from his previous shows and newly-taken pictures, all packaged in a high quality casing. Proceeds from the calendar will go towards charity.

Priced at 25,000 won each (excluding shipping), this year’s offering will be sold in Korea through Glorious’s parent entity, Gloria Jean’s Coffee, at this link:  Ji Chang Wook 2016 Calendar.  The calendar will also be distributed in Japan by Timo Japan, and in China by Zhongbao (众宝商贸).

However, it seems that Gloria Jean’s only offers domestic shipping within Korea. We are still in the midst of enquiring about how international fans can place their orders. We will update accordingly when we get news on that.

13 Nov Update:
The calendar will be produced in Korea, Japan and China in their respective languages and sold by the previously-mentioned distributors. The calender contents are all the same; the only difference is that they are printed in different languages.

Unfortunately, we have confirmation from Glorious Entertainment that the Korean version calendar will only be sold through the Gloria Jeans Coffee online store. They do not provide international shipping, so they will not be able to take international orders. Likewise, TIMO Japan only ships domestically within Japan. The only possible option left for international fans is China’s Zhongbao, which has yet to provide any details on the purchasing procedure. It is not still not certain if it will be possible for international fans to purchase the Chinese version calendar through Zhongbao. We will monitor the situation and update this post when they release more details.

18 Nov Update:
Good news! Zhongbao China has agreed to make the calender available to international fans. Zhongbao is selling the Chinese version of the calendar on Taobao China, but there are some problems with overseas shipping at the moment. Update has been slow as we’ve been trying to work out the problem with them, but we should be able to bring you good news soon. The calender will only officially go on sale on 20 November, but pre-order has already started. If you are living in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong, you can go ahead and place your order through Taobao China (click). For fans living in countries other than those mentioned, please do not order yet. Please be patient and wait for further instructions.

***20 Nov Update:

International fans can start placing your orders using the link! (click) Shipping fee is a little expensive, so fans living in the same country might want to consider taking bulk order. You are also welcome to order on your own of course. Please note that JCW Kitchen will not be able to coordinate bulk orders or make an order on your behalf.


Credit:  Gloria Jean’s Coffee Company; Glorious Entertainment

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  1. I have friend in korea and she is willing to buy me a calendar.. where is the Gloria jeans coffee located.. pls. let me know the address so that my friend can go there and buy..

  2. Thank you JCWK for the info and your hard work!

    I’ll like to purchase this calendar and I hope it can be sold in the US also.

    Please let us know :o)

    Thanks again! 😀

  3. Thank you JCWKitchen for this update!

    I want this calendar so badly too!!!! 😪😪😪
    I hope this will becomes available to his international fan! I would so love to see Wookie in my desk every single day in 2016 kekeke😋😋😋

  4. Thank you so much for this update JCWKitchen!

    I was concerned that the calendars may not be available internationally. Looks like my worries were well founded. *Sad sigh* I hope we’ll get some good news before November 23. I want this calendar so badly! 🙏

    • Thank you JCWKitchen for keeping us international fans updated. Even though the news is not good..at least we know what’s happening. Still holding out hope that Zhongbao China will be available to us. Cross fingers!

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