[Drama] Ji Chang Wook attends prayer ceremony for “Mr. Right”

Ji Chang Wook attended the opening prayer ceremony of the Chinese drama “Mr. Right” (previously translated as “My Male God”) in Shanghai on 15 November.

According to tradition, a prayer ceremony is often held to pray for success and for production to be completed safely.

Based on photos at the event, it seems like the Chinese title has been changed to “我De男神”, which still means the same thing, except they replaced a Chinese word with the romanized spelling. Why? To make it look cooler?

Ji Chang Wook attended the event with his co-star Wang Xiao Chen (dressed in red) and other cast members including Hong Kong singer-actor Kenny Bee, who will be playing his father. Other members of the cast present at the event included Chinese actor Lu Yong (卢勇), Taiwanese actress Joy Pan Yi Jun (潘仪君) and Chinese actress Zang Hong Na (臧洪娜).


Ji Chang Wook with Kenny Bee



Ji Chang Wook with Chinese actor Lu Yong.


Ji Chang Wook with Chinese singer Yin Xi Shui.


Korean actress Kim Hye Seon, a familiar face in Korean dramas such as “Dong Yi”, “Cheer Up Mr Kim” and “Horse Doctor”, will be acting as his mother in the drama, since the lead character is of mixed Chinese-Korean descent. As part of the story is set in Korea, Ji Chang Wook may get to deliver some lines in his native Korean language. It has also been revealed that Ji Chang Wook will be playing twin brothers in the drama. The main character Wang Wei An is described as a kind-hearted and righteous young man (Is this Donghae 2.0?), while the twin brother, Wang Rui (王睿), is said to have a prickly personality.

All the scripts for the show have already been written. The drama will have at least 35 episodes and is expected to air on Hunan TV next year.mFng-fxkszhk0289401eZAc-fxksqiv83932124a0aad46gw1ey1ga7pfehj21de0rskjl4a0aad46gw1ey1ga3jbefj21e011i1ky

Credit: Sina; Weibo; Naver blog



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  1. I hope it has a happy ending

    Chinese dramas tend to have sad or inconclusive endings which are frustrating.
    JCW HOORAY! For your career expanding to overseas.
    But I also hope that JCW will also act in Korean dramas. I prefer Korean dramas becos:-
    – smooth flow of story line
    – good photography
    – mostly happy ending
    – beautiful fashion

  2. Thank you JCWK for the update!

    Whoa he is a twin cant wait for this! I just hope i can be able to watch this in my country as well! I hope for a successful filming and that the drama would be a hit in China and overseas! Fighting Wookie! Be safe always!

  3. Kenny Bee & Lu Yong, are people I watched from young! And they make a come back… And Together with JCW! Awesome!

    Thanks, Gabby, for the update & photos…

  4. Thanks for this update Gabby.

    Well..looks like it’s all systems go for JCW’s first Cdrama. Wishing JCW heaps of good luck for this drama. 35 episodes a rather long drama. Just hope the script is a well written one. Good luck JCW!

  5. all i ask is lots of success for this drama which i am sure it will bring and that someone will pick it up so we can watch it!

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