[Pictorial] Behind-the-scenes with songbird Ji Chang Wook

Glorious Entertainment has recently posted several behind-the-scenes photos of Ji Chang Wook in the rehearsal studio preparing for his upcoming “Be With You” concert in Chongqing on 28 November (info here).  Have a look!

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Credit:  Glorious Entertainment


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5 thoughts on “[Pictorial] Behind-the-scenes with songbird Ji Chang Wook

  1. Damn those veins running through his arms…so manly

    Thanks JCWK for these yummies…😋😋😋

  2. Thank you so much for this update Cherwell!

    JCW looks like he’s studying for his exams! That look of pure concentration! Haha.. Learning a Chinese song must be rather difficult for him. And he has to learn how many Chinese songs? Six? Poor baby! But..if anyone can do this it’s JCW! We’re all sending positive vibes your way..!

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