[Event] Ji Chang Wook to hold fan meeting in Singapore with Shokubutsu [updated]

OMG! I’ve finally waited for this day!!

Ji Chang Wook has been revealed to be the new brand ambassador for Shokubutsu, and he will be holding an exclusive fan meeting in Singapore as part of promotions for the brand.

While Singaporean fans may rejoice, international fans may be disappointed to hear that the event is only open to Singaporeans and permanent citizens (i.e. you need a citizenship number to be eligible). Tickets to the event can be won by taking part in a lucky draw.

From now till 29 November, simply spend a minimum of SGD$10 on Shokubutsu products imported by Lion Corporation, then submit a short write-up (in 50 words) on why you should win the tickets to ‘Shokubutsu Ji Chang Wook Exclusive Fan Meet’. Email your write-up along with a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase to shokubutsu@lioncorp.com.sg with “Shokubutsu Ji Chang Wook Exclusive Fan Meet” as the subject header. 80 lucky winners will be selected from the entries on 30 November. The actual event will take place on 6 December.

Click here for detailed explanation of the terms and conditions.

This is really a bolt out of the blue and comes as totally random to me. Although Glorious Entertainment hasn’t said anything as usual, but I can bet with my money that this is unlikely to be a sham since this is Singapore that we’re talking about, and the event was also advertised in the newspaper.

25 November Update:  According to a new posting by Shokubutsu, a public meet-and-greet will also be held for fans at the Level 1, West Atrium of the Suntec City Mall on 6 December, starting at 5:00 PM.

****28 November update:
Let’s show our support!! Singapore support banner project


30 November update:

Congratulations to all lucky winners!


5 December Update:
Ji Chang Wook will be arriving at Singapore Changi Airport on Asiana Airlines flight OZ6783 at around 6am on 6 Dec.

 Source: Shokubutsu

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  1. OMG!!! He’s really really coming! My friend’s father styled his hair before! His name is Jae won but I don’ t know his Father’s name. It’s really today!!! I love Healer and Empress Ki but his part in that show makes my Grandma think his character is really silly!:) LOL

  2. Congrats to all you guys who won tickets for the fan meeting. And for those of you who will be going to Suntec City to welcome JCW..pls scream your loudest and longest..to make up for the rest of us who can’t be there! :'(😆

    • Hi Singaporean fans..is JCW in Singapore already?? Gees..I’m not there and I’m getting so excited just thinking of him being in Singapore!! 😆

      • Gabby..and all you guys who were at the fan meeting..you have to tell all!

        Is JCW’s smile more than a megawatt?
        Are JCW’s eyes more charismatic and hypnotic than what we see on film?
        Is JCW’s voice really music to one’s ears?
        Is JCW for real?!

        Tell all..please!! 😍

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