[Event] Ji Chang Wook and QQ Music special event announced [updated]


According to QQ.Music, 22 November is the release date for Wook’s digital album to QQ subscribers in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.  (International sales are not offered because QQ Music is blocked for the countries not listed above.)  The album contains the songs, a nameplate, exclusive pictures and a letter from Wook… and hopefully more cute pictures of him and his new puppy!  *swoons*


QQ Music and Bravo Music ramp up their promotions in advance of a ‘special event’ scheduled for 22 November in support of Ji Chang Wook’s first digital single.  Ooooooh, could it finally be the music video for “Be With You?”  I guess we’ll find out in a few short hours!

QQ Music has also released a small video showing his movements in Beijing during his contract signing ceremony and recording sessions.  Take a look here!

Credit:  QQ Weibo; Bravo Music

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7 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook and QQ Music special event announced [updated]

  1. Thanks for the update Cherkell.

    I’m crying right now.. 😭😭😭 International fans lose out on everything! Think it’s about time to move to China?? 🙄

  2. JCWKitchen..you really are right on top of things! Thanks so much for this piece of news.

    JCW’s days and nights are so packed! Does he even have time to take a breather? But I do hope this promo means the release of a music video! Cross fingers..

    • By the way JCWKitchen..do you have any news re how JCW’s concert ticket sales are doing for his Chongqing concert?

      • A quick glance at the ticketing site shows just a bit over half the venue has been sold. The 280 yuan and 1280 yuan VIP seats are all sold out, but there are still large gaps in other sections. He still has a week to go, so numbers are bound to increase soon.

      • Thanks for your reply Cherkell. Truly appreciate it.

        Only another 4 days before the concert. Hope the ticket sales will pick up soon. Wishing this first concert for JCW to be a resounding success! 🙏:)

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