[CF] Ji Chang Wook stars in public service ad for Gov 3.0


Ji Chang Wook was seen in a new public service advertisement today promoting Government 3.0 (Gov 3.0 in short), a public platform to aid budding entrepreneurs looking to set up a business in Korea. 

Appearing in the advertisement with him is rookie actress Lee Chung Mi, who is also managed by Glorious Entertainment.

Calling itself a new paradigm of governance, Gov 3.0 is a site that aims to collate all important public information in one place, allowing for greater transparency through communication with the public, greater competency and speeding up the administrative process, such that setting up a business does not become a daunting task for new entrepreneurs. Sounds like good stuff, and pretty ambitious at the same time.

But questioning government policies is not our objective nor concern here. We just want to be shallow and swoon over Ji Chang Wook looking suave in a suit.

[Can information about setting up a business be obtained easily?]

Gov 3.0 is easy.

If public information is made available for anyone to access easily, setting up a business becomes much easier.

[Setting up a business becomes easier thanks to Gov 3.0]


[Can it be done quickly?]

Gov 3.0 is fast.

If everyone works together instead of working separately,

the administrative process becomes much faster.

[Administrative process becomes faster thanks to Gov 3.0]


[Can everything be solved in one place?]

Gov 3.0 is convenient.

If cumbersome daily matters are gathered in one place,

life becomes much more convenient.

The fun transformation of government

It’s easy, fast, and convenient.

[Opening a happy Korea — Gov 3.0]


Source: Glorious Entertainment Youtube; Gov 3.0

3 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook stars in public service ad for Gov 3.0

  1. i will happily swoon over chang wook in a suit and anything else! he can make sweats look pretty awesome and inviting!

  2. Thanks JCWKitchen for this rather interesting piece of news.

    Honestly..where does JCW find the time to this kind of ads? He’s got rehearsals and concerts and script reading and prayer ceremonies and fan meetings and photo shoots etc. Gees..has JCW found a way to stretch those 24hrs in a day?! Amazing!!

    And you guys are so right..we just want to be shallow and swoon over JCW looking suave in a suit! 😆

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