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6 thoughts on “[Weibo Update] 25 November 2015

  1. Thank you cherkell for the transalation!

    Good to see a fresher Wookie here!!! Filming must have been laborious! Excited on his coming concern on the Saturday! Fighting Wooke!

  2. Its been half year since i last visited here..glad to see our ji chang wook has more fans than before.And he is getting popular with international fans..And big credits to our admin cherkell for daily updates!i get emails on updates from ji chang wook kitchen very often.And our ji chang wook also looking more handsome now!looking forward for his new drama!fighting ji chang wook!

  3. Thanks for the translation Cherkell.

    Would this filming be in Shanghai or Seoul? I think it was mentioned that there will be some initial filming in Seoul? At least JCW looks relaxed here..

    By the way.. If JCW’s lines are dubbed does that mean that he doesn’t have any lines to learn at all? 😆

    • Wook is still filming in Shanghai and will probably fly directly from there to his Chongqing gig on 28 November. And even though his voice will be dubbed, he still needs to learn a good chunk of his lines in Korean and speak them in Korean. Reports have stated that since his character is mixed Korean-Chinese, viewers will be able to hear some lines of his dialogue in Korean and will be subtitled in Mandarin underneath. I just pray hard that a nice, sonorous dubbing voice is chosen! 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply Cherkell.

        So happy when I read that JCW has “a chunk” of lines in Korean. I love his speaking voice and like you..am praying that they will choose a pleasant dubbing voice for him. But nothing will match JCW’s own speaking voice. I love the timbre of his voice!

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