[Notice/Project] Ji Chang Wook support banners for Singapore fans

This post is meant for all readers who are planning to see Ji Chang Wook in Singapore on 6 December.

As many of you would know by now, Ji Chang Wook will be coming to Singapore for Shokubutsu promotions, where he will be having a private fan meeting and a public meet-and-greet session at Suntec City on 6 December 2015.

In order for us to show our support to Ji Chang Wook, I’ve designed a hand banner that fans can display during the events. It is rare that Ji Chang Wook comes to Singapore, and it seems like his schedule here is going to be very rushed, so I thought we could at least show our love for him during the short time we have with him by holding support banners at the event.


Sample shot. Image files to be downloaded for printing are located below.

The banner reads “Singapore (loves) JCW”. It’s nothing much, but I thought spelling this out clearly to him might make him and his agency realise that he does indeed has fans in Singapore (so he ought to consider coming back here again 😀 ).

Such banners are often given away for free by fan clubs during concerts or fan meetings, but since The Kitchen does not collect membership fees or ask for donations, we do not have a ready pool of funds to tap on for fan support.  It’s also not possible for me to print banners for everyone using my own money, and I don’t have the manpower to distribute banners to everyone at what will inevitably be a packed venue on the day itself.  So I thought I could at least design a banner and make the files available for download so that you can print one for your own.  Hope you can understand our situation.

Of course, it is not compulsory that you should print this banner.  But if you do decide to do so, the banner should preferably be printed landscape on A3 paper.

There are two file formats available — PDF or TIFF (TIFF is larger and higher resolution). Up to 2 banners can be printed on a single A3 paper to save paper.  Just download which ever file you require:  If you only need one banner for yourself, then choose the file with one banner; if you need more, then choose the file with two banners.

jcwk-banner-preview-1banner  jcwk-banner-preview-2banners

One banner, TIFF format (71MB) – DOWNLOAD
One banner, PDF format (5MB) – DOWNLOAD

Two banners, TIFF format (71MB) – DOWNLOAD
Two banners, PDF format (7MB) – DOWNLOAD

Attention: If you decide to bring a banner on 6 December, please be considerate of others and refrain from raising your banners too high up as you may block others standing behind you.

This banner is property of Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen, so please do not modify our design.

Thank you and see you at the event!

5 Dec Update:
Ji Chang Wook will be arriving at Singapore Changi Airport on Asiana Airlines flight OZ6783 at around 6am on 6 Dec.

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11 thoughts on “[Notice/Project] Ji Chang Wook support banners for Singapore fans

  1. Thank you for the banner! Is anyone going in a group? Because I am going alone:( hope to support him together:)

  2. I’m working at Singapore but ic ant get the ticket . Btw, I will attend the public event at Suntec too~

  3. Wow! thanks Gabby! will try to print the banners to greet him @ Suntec~ ♡ yet to receive reply from Shokubutsu~ think no hope for me to go to the private fan meet =…)

  4. Wow! This is really sweet of you Gabby. I hope all JCW Singaporean fans will turn up for this event on Dec 6. Like you said…show JCW that he is much loved in this part of the world as well. I hope you get to go for the fan meeting Gabby. And yes…plenty of pics please!!

  5. Gabby have great fun on 612! Please snap pix, more pix, pix of our lifetime! Lucky you! Hahaha…

    To all Singaporeans that managed to win the 80 tickets to his fan-meet, congratulations!

    To those like me, so near yet so far, hope that we will get to see pix & imagine the concert with them! Hahaha..

    Love from, Malaysia

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