[Instagram/Weibo Update] 3 December 2015


한국에서의 첫눈…! 눈이와도 조작된도시 마무리촬영중.. #권유 #조작된도시 #첫눈 #오예

First snow in Korea…! Wrapping up filming for Fabricated City even when it’s snowing.. #Kwon Yoo #Fabricated City #first snow #oh yeah

방구쟁이 한명이랑 죄수아닌죄수 한명

A Banggu with a prisoner who is not a prisoner

*Banggu refers to Manager Bang Chigu


한국에서 영화 조작된도시 마무리 촬영중…![阴险]

Wrapping up filming for Fabricated City in Korea…! [阴险]


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4 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 3 December 2015

  1. Thank you Cherkell!!

    First snow in korea, Wow! He looks cute. His manager is lucky to have a boss like him. Finish off the show soon and rest well. Good Luck for the movie:)

  2. Thanks for this update Cherkell.

    So happy Fabricated City is finally completed. Can’t wait for it to be released.

    JCW always looks like he went through hell whenever he takes pics during shooting of this movie! 😆

  3. Thanks Cherkell for the update of this movie! 🙂

    I just could wait to see it.. By the way when it gonna be showing to the theater? I wish him all the best of his career.. I just adored him so much.. 🙂

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