[Weibo Update] 13 December 2015

Weibo repost #1:

Wo dou xihuan![爱你][嘻嘻][嘻嘻]

*Note: Means “I like them all” in Chinese. This is in reference to the cartoon characters in a Weibo post by Jiangsu TV about him attending the New Year’s eve concert in China.


Weibo repost #2:

12.31 jian!![耶][耶] 기대해 주세요[阴险]
See you on 31 December!! [耶][耶] Please look forward to it [阴险]




Weibo repost #3:

저도 참석해여!!! 이날 만나요[心] bu jiu hou jian!

I’m attending too!! See you on that day [心] See you soon! 

*Note: He is referring to the drama awards ceremony in China that he’s attending.


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