[Weibo Update 2] 17 December 2015

Weibo post #1:

Jintian nimen xinkula.[嘻嘻] 完安 好梦[月亮] 我爱你们[心]

You all have worked hard today.[嘻嘻] Good night sweet dreams [月亮] I love you[心]


Weibo post #2:

完安(X)[晕][泪][泪][泪][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][晕][汗][汗][汗][汗][汗][汗][汗][汗] 晚安[色][色][色][睡][睡][睡]

Complete night(X)[晕][泪][泪][泪][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][晕][汗][汗][汗][汗][汗][汗][汗][汗] Good night [色][色][色][睡][睡][睡]

*Note: He spelled “good night” wrongly in his first post. Both Chinese words are pronounced “wan an”, but he’s trying to say that the first one (which literally means “complete night” in English) is spelt wrongly, and the second word is the correct spelling.


 Weibo post #3:

zhongwen feichang nan..!!! zhende!!!! [淚][委屈][委屈][可憐]

Chinese is very difficult..!!! Really!!!! [淚][委屈][委屈][可憐]

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  1. Thanks for the update JCWKitchen.

    It’s really amusing watching JCW trying so hard to learn Mandarin. He’s so expressive with his words and emoticons!! Specially the emoticons! 😆 Keep it up JCW..you’ll get there..!

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