[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 19 December 2015 (updated)





Thank you to all my fans who loved me all this while. You all are great! I’m very blessed because I have all of you 😀 I love you all good night


상받았어요!!! 오예💕💕
모두 goodnight💋

I received an award!!! Oh yeah💕💕
Everyone goodnight💋

Note: He was in Beijing to attend the drama awards ceremony, which will be aired on Anhui TV on 1 Jan 2016. He won an award for Most Popular Overseas Actor.

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3 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 19 December 2015 (updated)

  1. Thank you Gabby for this wonderful update!!!

    Congratulations our dear Wookie!!!! You deserved this award more than anyone out there😍😍😍 indeed your hard work is paid off!!!! You must have been very happy🤗🤗🤗

  2. YAY!! Thanks for this great piece of news Gabby!

    Congrats to JCW! He totally deserves this! Can his star rise any higher or shine any brighter?? I’m sooooo happy for him!! He must be over the moon with this award! 😄😄

    • So we finally get to see JCW receive his award at the 2015 China National Drama Awards. FYI..the show is like 3 hrs long! Our JCW receives his award around the 33 min mark. I’d been going up and down the whole video looking for him! He’s so cute! Delivered his acceptance speech in Mandarin! Well done JCW! I💕

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