[Weibo Update] 20 December 2015 (Updated)

Post #1:

Xianzai xiatian!! [挤眼] Wo bu leng!! 哈哈哈 [阴险][阴险]

It is now summer!! [挤眼] I’m not cold!! ha ha ha [阴险][阴险]

Post #2:

Xianzai wo zai Beijing!! Lu hen piaoliang!!!![嘻嘻] Bangbang da!!! Zhende!!![good][good] Xianzai nimen zai ganshenme??[疑问]

I am now in Beijing!! The road is beautiful!!!! [嘻嘻] It’s great!!! Really!!![good][good] What are you all doing now??[疑问]

Update, Post #3:


Hahaha brother!!!!! Give me presents!
Brother you look like Santa Claus

*Note: Ji Chang Wook reposted a photo of Zhang Dan Feng, his co-star in the drama “Mr. Right”.

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3 thoughts on “[Weibo Update] 20 December 2015 (Updated)

  1. Thanks for the update Cherkell.

    What is JCW sponsoring now? Some sports wear? Hope we get to see more of his pics.

    Honestly now..is JCW writing all that Chinese by himself or does he still have his translator with him? If he wrote all that by himself then I am really impressed with his progress! Great stuff JCW! 👍

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