[Drama] Ji Chang Wook attends “Mr. Right” press conference (image heavy)

The Press Conference for “Mr. Right” was held today (23 December) at the unholy hour of 8:00am in Shanghai. All the main stars of the drama were in attendance, and from the look of the press shots, a good time was had by all!

Various fan clubs were out in support

The cast got to play some games among themselves and with fans present at the event.

After the event ended, Ji Chang Wook was interviewed by Letv.com for a piece to be aired at a later date.  We’ll post when it becomes available!

Then after that, Wook was shuttled to another interview with iFensi.com, who provided live streaming of the press conference and their exclusive interview with him.  While at that interview, he autographed a few “Healer” photos for some lucky fans:




Even Kenny Bee (who portrays Ji Chang Wook’s father in the drama) got into the spirit of the occasion by uploading a video:

And to end on a sweet note, the emcee asked if Wook could say “I love you” in the Shanghainese dialect.  Mission accomplished!

Here is the full video of the press conference:


Source:  “Mr. Right” Official Weibo;  Letv.com; iFensi.com

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